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act in opposition to

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Twitter could have been used to help build back their reputation, interact with their customers and help build trust before going onto a competition, whereas this simple competition only served to antagonise their customers even more.
This school had a golden opportunity to influence young Abigail to pick up more of the Welsh language; now all they have served to do is antagonise the English-speaking part of the Welsh community.
So who or what is the Silent Majority, and will the views antagonise or inspire the Sporting Press's readership?
Mr Parvez said that Britain did not want to appear conciliatory towards the men as it could antagonise the US authorities.
The status quo will only further antagonise the general public and result in falling sales with a loss for all the deserving charities.
If the new government revokes Manjhi's decision, he might antagonise the members of the Dusadh caste, which is most dominant of all scheduled castes in Bihar.
The First Minister, right, said she would go on a charm tour south of the Border to convince the English public that her party weren't out to "antagonise" them.
"He chose to send me direct messages on Twitter, trying to goad me and antagonise me.
No politician aiming at high office wants to antagonise the kind of people he'd have to meet and work with if he achieved that aim.
Why on earth Neville felt the need to antagonise Tevez further is beyond me.
Opening the second reading debate of the controversial Children, Schools and Families Bill in the Commons, Mr Balls dismissed Tory claims that the plans would "alienate and antagonise" the home education community.
One of those was Dennis Wise who, despite attempts to antagonise him, stood grinning as he recorded their mug shots on his mobile, just in case things got out of hand.