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act in opposition to

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The Liverpool Walton MP and ex-defence minister said Tony Blair's government is going through a "rocky patch" and should listen to its backbenchers rather than antagonise them.
Small firms were reluctant to exercise powers to claim interest from late payers so as not to antagonise and lose customers.
Such comments are likely to further antagonise Leeds boss David O'Leary, whose side - beaten 4-0 by Barcelona last week, and 2-1 by Ipswich yesterday - play AC Milan in the Champions League on Tuesday.
And he seems almost to go deliberately out of his way to antagonise the media.
Linking terrorism to Islamic and Muslim groups is certainly not helping and will only further antagonise our young people.
Boss Philip Carvosso said his brokerage - which will open in Edinburgh - can find insurance without asking questions that antagonise gay people.
Joanne has managed to antagonise Andy's wife, her own child and now her ex.