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the larva of any of several insects

winged insect resembling a dragonfly

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Be the one who notices little circles in the sand and then shows campers the ant lion.
Optimum Design of Skeletal Structures Using Ant Lion Optimizer.
Notes on the behavior of the ant lion with emphasis on the feeding activities and tetisimulation.
When the hook pierces prey, the ant lion injects venom and digestive enzymes via the grooves.
The gut of a larval ant lion dead-ends partway through its body.
Caption: Ant lion species that hunt in sand traps have evolved extreme eating habits that prevent grit from infiltrating their food.
The adult ant lion is short lived; it ecloses, mates, and oviposits in the soil (Wheeler 1930).
Within the ant lion zone, there is no spatial segregation of the two species, although their numbers are negatively correlated in small-quadrat samples (Gotelli 1993).
However, field experiments reveal that ants can detect and effectively avoid high-density ant lion aggregations (Gotelli 1996).
Both ant lion species pass through three larval instars, and second and third instars are common through most of the year.
Large and small traps were placed both within and 1 m beyond the ant lion zone [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
I then rarefied this collection down to an equivalent number of individuals collected from the six stations within the ant lion zone.
2007), while high densities of predators such as larval ant lions (Gotelli 1996) or lizards (Huang et al.
Ant community structure: effects of predatory ant lions.
Adding to 'Nature Close-Up' is Elaine Pascoe's Ant Lions And Lacewings (1410303101, $23.