ant lion

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Synonyms for ant lion

the larva of any of several insects

winged insect resembling a dragonfly

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When the hook pierces prey, the ant lion injects venom and digestive enzymes via the grooves.
The gut of a larval ant lion dead-ends partway through its body.
3: The Eastern United States" presents fascinating information about the habits of white-tailed deer, black widow spiders, bobcats, giant swallowtail butterflies, ant lions, walking sticks, spotted salamanders, river otters, American toads, and many more eastern U.
2007), while high densities of predators such as larval ant lions (Gotelli 1996) or lizards (Huang et al.
Adding to 'Nature Close-Up' is Elaine Pascoe's Ant Lions And Lacewings (1410303101, $23.