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fusca); sometimes as many as three of these ants clinging to the legs of the slave-making F.
flava, with a few of these little yellow ants still clinging to the fragments of the nest.
sanguinea, and found a number of these ants entering their nest, carrying the dead bodies of F.
When the pupae of the ant Lasius neglectus is sick, (http://www.
invicta suppresses the exploitation of honeydew-producing hemipterans by ghost ant and occupies most of the honeydew resource.
They aren't interested in the bait used for most pesticides, so ant traps have little effect on them.
He has done some ant-dropping tests in Malaysia and found that ants living in the watery mangrove forests were better swimmers than ants living elsewhere.
The warm temperatures and damp conditions are building towards the annual flying ant swarm when black garden ants emerge in their millions to mate, but the weather conditions have to be just right.
When the worker ants march off in search of a food source, they leave a pheromone trail behind them, making it easy for the next ant to follow.
A combination of pitfall traps and baits were used to study day-to-day activity in ant communities to see how the ants interact with one another.
One scientist recently came up with a way to explain this ant behavior.
In most cases, you can put an end to your ant problem for less than $25 with products from a home center or hardware store.
You can't go anywhere on Earth without meeting an ant," he says.
Davis, best-known for his work on the ``Jimmy Neutron'' television series and movie, does a marvelous job of taking author John Nickle's children's book and expanding its premise of an ant colony's revenge on a lost little boy.
An ant can hold an object that weighs five times its own body weight and can drag something that weighs 25 times more than it does