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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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With our migration to pure SIP, having reliable and high performance call progress and answering machine detection is imperative for outbound contact center efficiency.
Verizon cautioned residential customers to change their answering machine default passwords and urged its business customers who use internal switching equipment commonly known as PBXs to take steps to secure their systems against unauthorized remote use.
If you're currently using a regular answering machine, it'll save some space on your desk.
Enter today for the chance to win a personal recorded voice message on your answering machine, along with a CD single.
Hi, I'm not home right now, but my answering machine is, so you can talk to it instead?
Casio PhoneMate is hoping to tap into the booming market for pagers with an answering machine that automatically calls the user's pager every time it receives a new message.
ANSWERING MACHINE - Make sure you buy one that can be controlled from a remote location, so that you can call your own phone and collect messages while you are out of your office.
In the case of a telephone answering machine, the telephone wire, which carries electricity, is usually grounded near where the wire enters the house.
NEW YORK -- Adds Support for European Telephony Interfaces and Answering Machine Detection
With AMD on, once we receive this answer bit, the DCP listens for the presence of voice and the presence of silence to determine if it's a live person or an answering machine.
Lisa is variously scandalized that Steiner doesn't have an answering machine and rarely answers her phone, when she fibs before Congress to help the National Endowment of the Arts, over her youthful affair with a famous fading poet and at her frequent spasms of cranky behavior.
Two Cordless Phones and a Digital Answering Machine Prove Well-Designed,
The manager even claimed he had left seven messages on my answering machine.
These newer models have some enhanced telephony capabilities, integrating in a speakerphone, voice mail, fax and answering machine with two or more mailboxes
In April, PhoneMate, which introduced its first commercial answering machine back in 1971, reported that it would be doing business as Casio PhoneMate Inc.