answering machine

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an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages

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The new fixed-network telephone can be registered directly on a router with a DECT-CAT-iq base station and as an additional handset on a Speedphone 11 with a base station or a Speedphone 11 with a base station and answering machine.
The Gigaset A495EoACAOs integrated answering machine can record up to 12 minutes of messages and has an added benefit of recording the dates and times of the messages and announcing them.
I loved it when we used to have an answering machine - it was great to check your messages over and over again.
The Gigaset C385, with a high-quality answering machine that can record up to 25 minutes of messages, ensures that no call is lost.
THE three handsets and answering machine are fairly good looking and have colour screens.
If you're currently using a regular answering machine, it'll save some space on your desk.
The family has reportedly since changed the answering machine message to: "We're doing fine.
Ramirez had added this first scene with the answering machine in order to, as she told me, "bring it up to date.
Sahara started making up poems when she was 5 by reciting them into an answering machine before she learned how to write.
The company has given the go-ahead to the call centre, but some very sophisticated telecommunications equipment will be needed first, including a selective auto-dial system which would drop off when it connects to an answering machine or when there is no answer.
We can offer two lucky readers the chance to have a personally recorded message on their answering machine so that incoming callers will hear Parker or Brains when no-one is around
The chip set also supports additional applications such as voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), handset/speakerphones, telephone answering machine, and caller ID.
com) picks up and records callers' voice messages just like an answering machine.
Hi, I'm not home right now, but my answering machine is, so you can talk to it instead?