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Questioner: "Excuse me, what time is it?" Answerer: "It's 2:15 P.M." Questioner: "Good job!" How strange it would seem to congratulate someone on telling time correctly!
I could assume she's a blackmailer, or an agony aunt for a women's magazine, or a compulsive answerer of lonely heart adverts.
Be a treasure to the poor, an admonisher to the rich, an answerer to the cry of the needy, a preserver of the sanctity of the pledge.
Earlier, Morgan had a six-year career with the Los Angeles Times, where he rose from "phone answerer" to deputy sports editor.
Damn the 'soul', damn the 'dark god', damn the 'listener' and the 'answerer,' and above all, damn his own interfering, nosy self.
At 159b25-7, he explains that 'if the view laid down be one that is not generally accepted (endoxon) or rejected (adoxon), but only by the answerer, then the standard whereby the latter must judge what is generally accepted or not, and must grant or refuse to grant the point asked, is himself' (trans.
Look for problems such as the phone answerer "marketing" the service before listening to the caller's concerns and needs.
In a written answerer to the question of Zahid Khan, he said as many as 46 plots have been allotted to journalists in sector I-15 in the year 2007.
Example (20) below contains example of 'lexically-motivated' switches such as 'pest' and 'Renaissance type of era', but there are changes of footings internal to turns which also reflect changes in role-relationships, from that of question answerer to that of an interlocutor making appraisals and seeking my agreement.
The Answerer plays randomly generated crossword puzzles, asynchronously created by the Describer.
In a cancelled stanza for lines 21-24 the poet asks: "what analysis / Can draw the secret forth which is / Concealed within those caverned orbs?" Her Theban verbal cunning has changed sides; the student is instead the questioner (and the answerer), confronted by the mysterious sight of her overpowering rocky body.
"What will you do tomorrow to make it better?" A question met with swirling answers depending on the age and mood of the answerer. "Finish my homework.
The first questionnaire was structured in six blocks: Block 1 referred to information about the company and the answerer; Block 2, to the role of management accounting according to same; Block 3 to the management accounting tool in use at the respondent's company; Block 4 to the benefits of implementation of the tools, as seen by the respondent; Block 5, to the factors that restrict or motivate the implementation of the tools in the company; and Block 6, to information about the participants.