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responsibility to someone or for some activity

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Since ex-ante and ex-post readiness for accountability are far from adequate, it is difficult for even answerability (the soft form of accountability) to occur.
officials by ushering in accountability & answerability " There was a time when ordinary, honest citizens used to give his or her income tax and used to carefully give some extra money so that there was no problem going ahead.
The arrangement has regulatory and financial instruments of answerability or liability.
Truly speaking, it was a answerability of the Government of Pakistan to keep an eye on fake and substandard products that are sold in various major regions, markets and other prominent places of Pakistan.
He underlined that one of the hallmarks of good governance is accountability that creates a system of answerability wherein power holders are held accountable through structured process of elections.
They negotiate uncertainty as to the creature's life and answerability in the response to that life, and it is these features--uncertainty and answerability--that make modernist literature especially useful for thinking about ethics, as Melba Cuddy-Keane argues: "Modernist ethics meets the question of how to live ethically in a questionable world with a paradoxical conjunction of metaphysical uncertainty and individual answerability.
It suggests answerability, and, in public law, the focus is often on the answerability of governmental officials.
We can encourage published researchers to lend their expertise in gauging the answerability of leaders' research questions.
The essay seeks to remedy this analytical absence but focusing on just how the realness of Dostoevsky's hero became a weakened version of Cervantes's monologic character, and thus how this weakened realness negatively affects Myshkin's literary answerability.
Este ultimo, por exemplo, num passo eloquente de Art and Answerability (obra porventura menos conhecida), chama a atencao para a complementaridade de olhares que caracteriza qualquer encontro interpessoal e sem a qual a apreensao do todo envolvente seria impossivel:
Sin embargo, de manera general, puede afirmarse que el accountability esta compuesto por dos elementos esenciales: i) el answerability y ii) el enforcement.
In The norms of answerability it is described that The dialogic can be discussed on both the level of language and consciousness; on the level of the signification of word of the discursive style and beyond these limits cross cultural contexts themselves" (Nielsen 2002:63).
Murphy clarifies this manifest confusion by calling attention to the "dialogical concepts of answerability and anotherness," and claims that these Bakhtinian-based concepts help solve the referential versus textual problematic:
This highlights the amplifying effects of social media for victims, perpetrators and bystanders, for whom action or inaction is located and evaluated in relation to new webs of rights and responsibilities (flowing across and between multiple intersecting publics), and new sites and scales of struggle, answerability and identification (Isin and Neilsen, 2008).