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responsibility to someone or for some activity

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Mechanisms of influence--The social accountability structures and activities in the study sites enhanced the answerability as well as enforceability (to a limited extent) functions of accountability.
Indeed, a kind of cultural momentum, an intellectual leadership or an ethical philosophy was in demand whose (socialist) "responsibility," "answerability" and commitment could be constructive and offer a road map to peace and tranquility.
The second form of responsibility is answerability, which falls somewhere between attributability and accountability on the sliding scale.
He desired a comprehensive mechanism of answerability in government organizations to ensure corruption free Pakistan.
An efficient and accountable police can ensure protection of life, liberty and property provided the delivery mechanisms of professionalism and answerability are put in place.
Focusing on a conception of responsibility as answerability, the author argues that a civil disobedient is responsible (that is, answerable) to his fellows for the charges of wrongdoing, yet he is not liable to punishment merely for breaching the law.
They state (not inappropriately) that accepting responsibility for a project creates an obligation to perform and therefore an implicit answerability or accountability.
Overcoming challenges that he faces and taking responsibility for his actions aligns him with the thoughts of a Russian philosopher, Mikhail Bakhtin (1895-1975) and his view on answerability. "I have to answer with my own life for what I have experienced and understood in art so that everything I have experienced and understood would not remain ineffectual in my life.
Editors and contributors standardized their definition of the key term, responsibility, tied firmly to accountability or answerability when institutional and individual obligations collide, and linked to rational capabilities, legal liabilities, and moral blame.
This position carries responsibility (Levinas, 1981), answerability (Bakhtin, 1990), or concernful thrown-ness (Heidegger, 1962) that has the power of generating, originating, producing, or reproducing possibilities.
In other words, accountability encompasses the way those holding political and bureaucratic positions (agents) are subjected to answerability and sanctionability or rewardability by the public (principals), according to set standards (Fox 2007b).
Now open for online membership at, CityGrader is set to promote civic engagement while improving government transparency and answerability.
Whatever one's view on Europe, it surely can't be right for Brexit policies to be adopted, without parliamentary answerability? Parliament's calendar has changed greatly over the past century.
They also urged facilitators to practice a "reflexive ethical answerability," paying close attention to the effects of polarized thinking (Fitzgerald et al., 2010b, p.