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inflammation of a bursa

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Osteoarthritis of the knee: anserine bursitis as an extra- articular cause of pain.
Other risk factors for anserine bursitis are gait abnormalities or running and jogging.
These findings were all consistent with her previous presentations and she was subsequently diagnosed with right pes anserine bursitis secondary to lower kinetic chain dysfunction.
Due to pain location, SOMTP may be confused with osteochondritis dissecans, medial meniscus pathologies and pes anserine bursitis.
Conclusion: Anserine Bursitis was present in about one third of patients with painful OA knees and its presence was found to be un-related to age, weight and severity of OA.
Careful examination allows the practitioner to differentiate between knee arthritis and pes anserine bursitis, or hip arthritis and trochanteric bursitis.
The patient was treated with an oral corticosteroid, prednisone (10 mg daily), for both his acute gouty pes anserine bursitis and polymyositis.