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of or resembling a goose

having or revealing stupidity

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Genetic parameters of carnitine, creatine, creatinine, carnosine, and anserine concentration in longissimus muscle and their association with palatability traits in Angus cattle.
Due to pain location, SOMTP may be confused with osteochondritis dissecans, medial meniscus pathologies and pes anserine bursitis.
32) Both carnosine and anserine are antioxidative histidyl dipeptides and the most abundant antioxidants in meat.
Effect of carnosine homocarnosine and anserine on hydroxylation of the guanine moiety in 2'-deoxyguanosine, DNA and nucleohistone with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of nickel(II).
You might check for pes anserine bursitis and/or tendinitis.
A common cause for anteromedial pain is inflammation of the pes anserine bursa, which separates the medial collateral ligament and the medial hamstring tendons.
Differential neuroprotective effects of carnosine, anserine, and N-acetyl carnosine against permanent focal ischemia.
A reference interval for anserine is not included because the peak frequently was undetectable.
The most common overuse syndromes of the knee are iliotibial band friction syndrome, patellar tendinopathy, popliteus tendinopathy and pes anserine bursitis.
To our knowledge there have been no documented cases of gout in the pes anserine bursa.
Increased broiler muscle carnosine and anserine following histidine supplementation of commercial broiler feed concentrate.
Tissue is easily accessed at the proximal medial tibia, distal to the pes anserine and medial collateral ligament (MCL) insertion.
The upper limits of linearity for Val and anserine were 600 and 500 [micro]mol/L, respectively.
The species in summer pasture were: Kobresia huimlis, Stipa aliena, Lancea tibetica, Kobresia pygmaea, Gentiana squarrosa, Leontopodium leontopodioides, Thalictrum alpinum, Oxytropis deflexa, Saussurea superba, Potentilla fruticosa, Taraxacum brevirostre, Potentilla anserine, Poa calliopsis, Potentilla multifida, Leontopodium nanum.