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Marianne Rogoff wrote a book about her daughter Sylvie, born at term with anoxic encephalopathy, and about the struggle to keep her alive for seven months and then to let her die (Silvie's Life, Zenobia Press, 1995).
Bilateral symmetrical thalamic lesions are also seen in metabolic diseases such as Wilson's disease, anoxic encephalopathy and childhood hepatocerebral degeneration.
We describe three patients with anoxic encephalopathy that appear to have diffuse subarachnoid hemorrhage on CT examination.
The official cause of death was anoxic encephalopathy due to positional and mechanical asphyxia, and pneumothorax, and the manner of death was accidental, Mr.
These included two cases of anastomotic leak, three of pneumonia, a Roux-limb intussusception requiring reoperation, an MI, pulmonary embolism, and anoxic encephalopathy.