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Injuries alleged: Anoxic brain injury leading to permanent disability
Forms of anoxic seizures occurs in early childhood with considerable frequency.
Consequently, the oceans remained devoid of oxygen, or anoxic.
The scientists investigated one of the ocean's most extreme periods of deoxygenation, known as Oceanic Anoxic Event 2, or OA2.
They begin with environmental perspectives of the Red Sea, among them extreme Red Sea: life in the deep-sea anoxic brine lakes, and weighing the evidence for ancient Afro-Arabian cultural connections through Neolithic rock art.
The result of an improvised explosive device attack in Afghanistan, Avila suffered a left leg amputation, two strokes, two heart attacks and anoxic brain damage caused by severe lack of oxygen.
[4] proposed to treat a municipal wastewater, with a low C/N ratio, in a partial nitrification unit operated in alternated oxic and anoxic periods in order to promote the use of the organic matter present for denitrification.
Deposition of black shale facies, one of the main contributors for hydrocarbon production, is commonly assumed to be linked to Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAEs), which are supposed to be generated during warm palaeoclimates.
The occurrence and survival of cyanobacteria that live in environments that are permanently anoxic or in environments that become anoxic overnight depend on their ability to generate energy in the dark.
The focus on present study is to investigate the performance of bio kinetic parameters in compact bioreactor system, operated as extended aeration system, with configuration; anoxic, aerobic, anoxic and final settler, and using synthetic wastewater in a continuous flow.
Case reports also describe an uncommon demyelinating syndrome, delayed post-hypoxic leukoencephalopathy (DPHL), which develops several weeks or months after a cerebral anoxic insult.
The 28-year-old has a very rare condition called reflex anoxic seizures where her heart and breathing stops and her body begins to shut down.
She was transferred to another hospital where a neurologist determined that she had suffered a profound anoxic brain injury.