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2015); however, some anoxia-adapted species, such as Artemia franciscana, have developed interesting strategies to survive prolonged periods of anoxia, many of which are, presumably, tightly related to their mitochondrial adaptations (Menze et al.
The extensive Siberian volcanism, covering an area of several million km2, profoundly affected the regional and global environments; such as increased SO2 and CO2 in atmosphere and in waters, global warming, ocean acidification, enhance weathering, and ocean anoxia (Ramona et al.
Anoxia from opiate and sedative abuse can lead to end-organ damage impacting any organ system.
O efeito da anoxia ou hipoxia radicular foi inicialmente observado na parte aerea das plantas, que interromperam seu desenvolvimento, nao crescendo em altura; ambos os grupos possuiam 31 cm de altura media e ao final, para plantas alagadas, nao ocorreu aumento, enquanto que plantas-controle atingiram, em media, 51 cm.
Principales causas directas de muerte en mujeres mayores de 50 anos con causa basica de defuncion de codigo C 509 Causa directa n % Insuficiencia o paro respiratorio 332 22,2 Paro cardiorespiratorio 194 12,9 Falla organica multiple o multisistemica 181 12,1 Cancer de mama 150 10,0 Cancer de mama metastasico 105 7,0 Shock cardiogenico 47 3,1 Shock septico 42 2,8 Carcinomatosis 35 2,3 Sindrome de dificultad respiratoria 31 2,0 Paro cardiaco 17 1,1 Shock hipovolemico 13 0,8 Shock neurogenico 12 0,8 Anoxia anoxica 10 0,6 Neumonia 9 0,6 Encefalopatia hipoxica 8 0,5 Falla hepatica 7 0,4 Tromboembolismo pulmonar 6 0,4 Edema agudo del pulmon 5 0,3 n=1 493
Recently, our group has shown that exposure to anoxia prior to and during irradiation leads to greater post-irradiation organismal performance in both the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Loew) (Diptera; Tephritidae) and the cactus moth (Lopez-Martinez & Hahn 2012, 2014; Lopez-Martinez et al.
6) Although the exact incidence of DPHL is unknown, the precipitating event typically involves cerebral anoxia, which can occur through carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, strangulation, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and overdose from sedatives and narcotics (Table 2) (7) DPHL was first observed in a small percentage (2.
9) Sedimentologically, the presence of fine laminae in black shale is a smoking gun of bottom-water anoxia (Fig.
The presence of Ce anomaly in fossil bioapatite REE record of 'weak' or 'early' diagenesis can define the bottom seawater and/or sediment pore water anoxia of marine palaeobasins (see Kemp & Trueman 2003).
He concluded that Mr Smee's medical cause of death was "cerebral anoxia as a result of hanging".
Depending on the degree of eutrophication, subsequent negative environmental effects such as anoxia (oxygen depletion) and severe reductions in water quality may occur, affecting fish and other animal populations.
Anoxia tolerance and antioxidant defences in the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis (Linnaeus, 1758) under acute cadmium exposure
8, AVPP de 985 y AVPD de 460; anoxia, asfixia y trauma al nacimiento con 1,058 AVISA, una tasa de AVISA de 1.
Sao citadas como algumas das causas, a anoxia neonatal, prematuridade, hiperbilirrubinemia, baixo peso, hemorragia ventricular e longa permanencia na UTI [24,25].