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CHD refers to a heart disease caused by myocardial anoxia and ischemia resulting from vascular cavity obstruction due to atherosclerosis of coronary artery.
The day of birth of the offspring was considered the postnatal day 0 (P0), when the pups were separated into two groups: 1) the Control group--pups of rats injected with saline during pregnancy (CTL, n = 10) and 2) the CP group--pups of rats injected with LPS during pregnancy, submitted to perinatal anoxia and sensorimotor restriction (CP, n=10).
Lenton said: 'We are creating a hotter world with expanding ocean anoxia (oxygen deficiency) which is bad for us and a lot of other creatures we share the planet with.'
2015); however, some anoxia-adapted species, such as Artemia franciscana, have developed interesting strategies to survive prolonged periods of anoxia, many of which are, presumably, tightly related to their mitochondrial adaptations (Menze et al.
The particulate organic matter record of the Mianwali Formation does not support the prolonged 'Early Triassic marine anoxia' but suggests rather oxygenated environmental conditions.
Through phylogenetic analysis, the research team discovered that modern deep-sea mussels are the descendants of shallow-water mussels, and their ancestors migrated to the deep sea approximately 110 million years ago, providing evidence to support a hypothesis that their ancestors survived through an extinction event during the global anoxia period associated with the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum which occurred around 57 million years ago.
Under conditions of anoxia and acidosis the erythrocytes are deformed into sickle shaped cells.
As drug overdose is a growing epidemic in this state and country, it is important to consider both apparent and less evident effects of end-organ damage caused by anoxia following overdose.
Complications of sepsis were found to be the most common cause of death in 38 (36.19%)followed by arrhythmias in 15(14%) patients, progression of primary disease in 8(7%), electrolyte abnormalities in 4(3.8%), anoxia in 3(2.8%), raised intracranial pressure (ICP) in 5(4.7%), adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in 5(4.76%), cardiogenic shock in 9(8.5%), respiratory failure in 9(8.5%), hyper viscosity in 1(0.09%), acidosis in 7(6.6%) and massive pulmonary embolism in 1(0.09%).
A post-mortem examination revealed Miss Cannings died as a result of cerebral anoxia as a result of hanging.
Recently, our group has shown that exposure to anoxia prior to and during irradiation leads to greater post-irradiation organismal performance in both the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Loew) (Diptera; Tephritidae) and the cactus moth (Lopez-Martinez & Hahn 2012, 2014; Lopez-Martinez et al.
(6) Although the exact incidence of DPHL is unknown, the precipitating event typically involves cerebral anoxia, which can occur through carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, strangulation, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and overdose from sedatives and narcotics (Table 2) (7) DPHL was first observed in a small percentage (2.75%) of patients suffering from CO poisoning.
The presence of Ce anomaly in fossil bioapatite REE record of 'weak' or 'early' diagenesis can define the bottom seawater and/or sediment pore water anoxia of marine palaeobasins (see Kemp & Trueman 2003).