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abnormally low oxygen content in arterial blood

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Some observers have claimed that a local anoxemia affecting only the marrow might be present and have pointed to arteriosclerotic lesions in the marrow as evidence of this.
Polycythemia is a panmyelopathy of unknown origin; anoxemic polycythemia is symptomatic of or secondary to various conditions, in which anoxemia is present.
Parameter Polycythemia vera Anoxemic or secondary polycythemia Fundamental Hyperplastic Anoxemia situation panmyelopathy Etiology Unknown Anoxemia (altitude, cardiac, pulmonary) Bone marrow Excessive Excessive erythropoiesis erythroleuko- thrombocytopoiesis Clinical Plethoric Cyanosis, chronic appearance, pulmonary disease, splenomegaly congenital cardiac disease Blood Pancytosis, No pancytosis erythrocytosis, leukocytosis Blood volume High High Red cell High High volume Plasma Normal or Low volume increased Arterial oxygen Normal Diminished saturation
The unreliability of cyanosis in the recognition of arterial anoxemia.