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abnormally low oxygen content in arterial blood

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The ADC is relevant in patients with SCC because of decreased perfusion leading to anoxemia, ischemia and injury of cellular membranes, changes in membrane permeability resulting in extracellular edema, abnormal perfusion of cerebrospinal fluid, and cystic necrosis in the spinal cord (1,39).
Another stimulatory factor, which, however, affects only the red cells, is that of anoxemia or arterial unsaturation.
There is no evidence of anoxemia: cyanosis is lacking, and the arterial saturation is normal.
He discontinued his own research on anoxemia and turned all the resources of his laboratory over to the new work.
The unreliability of cyanosis in the recognition of arterial anoxemia. Am J Med Sci 1947; 214:1-6.