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absence of the sense of smell (as by damage to olfactory nasal tissue or the olfactory nerve or by obstruction of the nasal passages)

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It's worth noting that most cases of anosmia or hyposmia are not related to neurological conditions.
Nasal congestion from a cold, allergy, sinus infection, or poor air quality is the most common cause of anosmia. Other causes of anosmia include:
In contrast nIHH refers to those IHH cases not associated with anosmia (2).
Prevalence of symptoms between groups Group 1, Group 2, patients patients (%) (%) p Tremor 88.9 89.2 Bradykinesia 76.2 89.2 Pain-cramp 58.7 70.3 Slowing gait 55.6 70.3 Constipation 55.6 56.8 EDS 55.6 64.9 RBD 50.8 54.1 Depression 50.8 45.9 Fatigue 47.6 70.3 0.02* Anosmia 44.4 29.7 Hyperhydrosis 42.9 43.2 Polypharmacy 41.3 45.9 Decreased libido/sexual function 39.7 29.7 Frequent voiding/incontinence 39.7 54.1 Recognition of tremor by others 39.7 29.7 RLS 36.5 37.8 Spasms 31.7 43.2 Micrography 25.4 18.9 Falling 17.5 37.8 0.02* Dyskinesia 4.8 24.3 0.004** EDS: Excessive daytime sleepiness; RBD: REM sleep behavior disorder; RLS: restless legs syndrome Table 3.
There's not even a standardized test for loss of smell, as there is for vision or hearing loss, in spite of widespread reports of suffering by patients who have lost their sense of smell, a condition known as anosmia.
Most people with nasal polyps have rhinorrhoea, sneezing, anosmia / hyposmia and post-nasal drip.
Paralysis and anosmia were noted on physical exam (anosmia was evaluated by asking participants to smell a pungent local food with their eyes closed).
Olfactory disorders (OD) are generally dichotomized in qualitative (parosmia, phantosmia, olfactory agnosia) and quantitative olfactory disorders (QODs: hyposmia, anosmia, hyperosmia).
History regarding the presenting symptoms such as nasal blockade, nasal discharge or bleeding, anosmia, crust formation, foul smelling, or any other complaint was taken elaborately.
(1) The four-minute "Sniffin Sticks" test is a forced choice 12-item test, where a score <7 is defined as "anosmia," >10 as "normosmia," and score between 7 and 10 as "hyposmia" in the normative data [6].
Karen Courtney, 54, has a condition called anosmia, which is believed to affect around 5% of the UK's population.
A interrupcao de fluxo aereo nasal devido a laringectomia total prejudica a chegada de moleculas odoriferas ao epitelio olfatorio e impede sua estimulacao, ocasionando assim, alteracoes no olfato [5-7], resultando ao laringectomizado total uma diminuicao da percepcao olfatoria (hiposmia) ou ate mesmo a ausencia total do olfato (anosmia) [8,9].