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rare plagioclastic feldspar occurring in many igneous rocks

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Conducted by X-ray diffraction patterns of fired tiles derived from masses of different grain size, showed that as the dispersion of press powder, an increase of the intensity of the diffraction peaks of anorthite, while reducing the intensity of the diffraction peaks of quartz, which increases the mechanical strength of finished products.
high-frequency of anorthite in basalt rocks and sintered basalt parts offers them an under--cooling state characterized by a total lack of elasticity;
8]) that show continuous solid solution from albite to anorthite, with CaAl replacing NaSi as the series progresses.
Variation within any individual grain is as much as seven percent anorthite.
PHOTO : CL micrograph of a buildup sample showing anorthite (yellow), corundum (red) and hercynite (black) crystals.
Product Overview II-3 Feldspar: A Common Silicate II-3 General Chemical Formula II-3 Na-Feldspars are Widely Used II-3 Physical Properties II-4 Grades II-4 Glass Grade II-4 Ceramic Body Grade II-4 Glaze Grade II-4 Types II-5 Potassium Feldspar Group II-5 Plagioclase Feldspar Group II-5 Other Feldspars II-5 Rare Feldspars II-5 Characteristics of Major Feldspar Minerals II-6 Albite (moonstone) II-6 Oligoclase Feldspar II-6 Anorthite II-7 Microcline II-7 Orthoclase II-8 History II-8 Feldspars as Gemstones II-8 Principal Stones in Feldspar Group II-9 Labradorite II-9 Moonstone II-9 Sunstone II-9 Amazonite II-9 Orthoclase II-10 Occurrence II-10 Ores and Production Process II-10 Places of Origin II-10 Production II-11
Fritz S J, Mohr DW (1984) Chemical alteration in the micro weathering environment within a spheroidally weathered anorthite boulder.