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rare plagioclastic feldspar occurring in many igneous rocks

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In the case of a solid solution, plagioclase was represented as albite, but a small quantity of anorthite was added for matching the Ca concentration measured in the reaction experiment.
Mos: muscovite; Kao: kaolinite; Qz: quartz; Cor: corundum; Mic: microcline; Hem: Hematite; An: anorthite; Cal: Calcite.
Results from pH 3, 25[degrees]C far-from-equilibrium flow-through dissolution experiments on anorthite and biotite.
Moreover, the main causes of variations in the rocks' physical mechanical characteristics with heating rates were related to the changes of the composition proportion between anorthite, microcline, and calcium carbonate produced at a heating rate over 40[degrees]C/min.
Figure 3 also displays the main mineral phases observed in basalt rocks: Albite (NaAl[Si.sub.3][O.sub.8]), Anorthite (Ca[Al.sub.2][Si.sub.2][O.sub.8]), Augite (Na, Ca - Mg, [Fe.sup.2+], Al, [Fe.sup.3+], Ti) [[(Si, Al).sub.2][O.sub.6]] and Labradorite (Ca, Na) [Al (Al, Si) [Si.sub.2][O.sub.8]].
High abundances of [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] ([greater than or equal to] 19 wt%) in an amphibolite-derived liquid are the result of high [H.sub.2]O (water-saturated) and/or high anorthite contents in the mafic protolith source (e.g.
Y fformiwla am y ffeldspar anorthite yw CaAl2Si2O8 a chynhwysa hwn ganran uchel o galch a pherthynai i'r grwp plagioclase o ffeldspar.
Plagioclase is characterised by a strong chemical variation, with anorthite values from [An.sub.82] to [An.sub.10], Si[O.sub.2] = 42-66 wt.% and [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] = 21.1-34 wt.% (Fig.
In Table 7, where the positive values describe dissolutions and negative values indicate precipitations, the simulation results show that the evolution in salt concentration is due to: dissolution of C[O.sub.2], which favors the increase of the ion bicarbonate in the waters; dissolution of anorthite and K-feldspar; precipitation of albite and K-mica; a small release of methane gas; and ionic exchanges of the cations [Ca.sup.2+], [Mg.sup.2+] and [Na.sup.+], through interaction processes with the metallic ions adsorbed to the clays (Machado et al., 2007) present in the sandy clay soils of the alluvial terrain, favoring the absorption of [Ca.sup.2+] and the release of [Na.sup.+] (Mahlknecht et al., 2006).
After the analyses, the soil minerals found were: quartz, calcite, sanidine, albite, nontronite, muscovite, montmorillonite, hematite, faujasite, dolomite, microcline, anorthite, anorthoclase, clinochlore and epidote.
Enthalpy of formation of wollastonite (CaSi[O.sub.3]) and anorthite (Ca[Al.sub.2][Si.sub.2][O.sub.8]) by experimental phase equilibrium measurements and high temperature solution calorimetry.
3--Halite + Antigorite + Anorthite + Magnesite + Montmorillonite NaCl + [Mg.sub.3][Si.sub.2][O.sub.5] [(OH).sub.4] + Ca[Al.sub.2][Si.sub.2][O.sub.8] + MgC[O.sub.3] + (Na,Ca)[O.sub.3] [(Al,Mg).sub.2] [Si.sub.2] [O.sub.10] [(OH).sub.2].