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having three unequal crystal axes intersecting at oblique angles


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* When the natural tunellite was heated to 400degC, the tunellite phase was completely transformed into anorthic and monoclinic strontium borate hydrate.
The alphabetical characters to be used in the suffixes are as follows: cubic - C, tetragonal - Q (for Quadratic), hexagonal - H; trigonal - T; rhombohedral - R; orthorhombic - O; and triclinic - A (for Anorthic).
01-083-0625 Chemical formula [Mg.sub.2]([B.sub.2][O.sub.5]) Molecular weight (g/mol) 150.23 Crystal system Anorthic Space group P-1 a ([Angstrom]) 6.149 b ([Angstrom]) 9.221 C ([Angstrom]) 3.121 [alpha] ([degrees]) 90.29 [beta] ([degrees]) 92.23 [gamma] ([degrees]) 104.30 Z 2.00 Density (g x [cm.sup.-3]) 2.91 Mineral name Magnesium borate pdfno.
The following letters are used: C, cubic; H, hexagonal; R, rhombohedral; T, trigonal; Q (for quadratic), tetragonal; O, orthorhombic; M, monoclinic; and A (for anorthic), triclinic." This system of designating polytypes is not followed in the book.