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absence of an orgasm in sexual relations

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La anorgasmia se ha investigado en otros paises y existe en 7% de las mujeres norteamericanas (Hunt, 1974), 4% en las francesas (Simon, 1972) y 20% en japonesas (Asayama, 1975).
Another study found that women who had major pelvic pathology before their hysterectomy experienced an improvement in quality of life postoperatively, engaged in sex more often, reported less dyspareunia, and had a lower incidence of anorgasmia and better libido.
Among the females in the sample who completed the program, the percentage with anorgasmia decreased from 66.
Anorgasmia in Adults Associated With Genital Surgery in Infancy
Secondary anorgasmia, as well as changes in orgasm quality, may develop either as a result of decreased arousal or from interruption in sensory and/or motor pathways as a result of treatment.
In the other, all 9 women with anorgasmia secondary to SSRI therapy responded; a 10th woman dropped out when she acknowledged that her anorgasmia was a problem only with her husband, not her lover.
Unless she was involved in "really bizarre situations," she had primary anorgasmia even when masturbating.
The prevalent use of antidepressants, such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Prozac), can result in delayed orgasm or anorgasmia.
9 Anorgasmia 0 0 Medications that interfere with sex 0 0 Illness that interferes with sex 2 5.
In clinical trials, 9% of patients complained of ejaculation disorder, 3% of impotence, 3% decreased libido, and 2% anorgasmia.
for men premature ejaculation, erectile difficulties, for women vaginismus and anorgasmia, and for couples, differences in sexual desire and arousal difficulties).
likely than the men to report that they had experienced anorgasmia, and
Anorgasmia has also been reported as a side effect of fluoxetine in some cases.
The literature shows that roughly 36% of male and 19% of female schizophrenia patients either stop taking their medication because of its sexual side effects, which include decreased libido, erectile difficulty, vaginal dryness, and anorgasmia, or are thinking about doing so.