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causing loss of appetite


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hormonal and metabolic signals, into a neuronal anorexigenic response in both chickens and mammals.
It has been reported that heavy, continuous physical exercise compresses/reinforces orexigenic (AgRP NPY, and ghrelin) and anorexigenic peptide/protein (obestatin, leptin, POMS, CART, and visfatin) secretion and its concentration in central and peripheral tissues (3-6).
It has been implicated in the production of leptin hormone, a potent anorexigenic adipocyte-derived peptide that regulates adipose-tissue mass through hypothalamic effects on satiety and energy expenditure.
Polyethyleneglycol- and human serum albumin--conjugated NmU forms have recently been developed, which exert a potent anorexigenic effect and induce glucose tolerance in vivo with a much longer half-life compared to that of NmU (95, 96).
The role of "mixed" orexigenic and anorexigenic signals and autoantibodies reacting with appetite-regulating neuropeptides and peptides of the adipose tissue-gut-brain axis: relevance to food intake and nutritional status in patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.
An interruption between the balance in anorexigenic and orexigenic hormones may influence the progression of CKD-associated protein energy malnutrition in pediatric patients.
8,9) Orexigenic and anorexigenic peptides are the primary integrators of various nutritional information.
The Role of "Mixed" Orexigenic and Anorexigenic Signals and Autoantibodies Reacting with Appetite Regulating Neuropeptides and Peptides of the Adipose Tissue-Gut-Brain Axis: Relevance to Food Intake and Nutritional Status in Patients with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa.
2010) in regards to obesity, the chronic intake of saturated fatty acids (fats found in meats) interferes with hypothalamic neurons, causing their inflammation and reducing the anorexigenic response.
22) Cytokines have been reported to influence the balance of orexigenic and anorexigenic circuits that predispose to cancer anorexia-cachexia syndrome.
Beside these peripheral metabolic effects, adiponectin receptors are also expressed widely in the brain and recent reports indicate that hypothalamic adiponectin-receptor complex is probably involved in the control of food intake, effected by anorexigenic leptin and insulin, and conversely stimulated by orexigenic ghrelin.
On the other hand, the decrease in body weight in the animals treated with the mycotoxins alone may be due to the synergistic effects of these mycotoxins on the balance between orexigenic and anorexigenic circuits that regulate the homeostatic loop of body weight regulation, leading to cachexia (Rastog et al.
The PI3K-AKT, mTOR-p70S6 kinase and AMPK pathways play distinct and critical roles in metabolic regulation, and each pathway is necessary for leptin's anorexigenic effects in the hypothalamus, which inhibit food intake.