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Synonyms for anorexic

a person suffering from anorexia nervosa

suffering from anorexia nervosa


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It took two years of intense nutrition counseling and psychotherapy to pull me out of being anorexic.
Her work with these autistoid patients included two anorexics 'Margaret' and 'Jean'.
The 25-year-old daughter of Lenny Kravitz, who plays an anorexic and bulimic character in her new movie, shared how she shed an additional 20 pounds to fit the role of Marie.
Pop culture often paints anorexics as willful young women who go on diets to be beautiful, he says.
Dr Jane adds that anorexics 30 years ago could be taken to hospital to recover without such added pressures.
They have recovered anorexics who talk to us, who have come out the other end and are leading a healthy life.
It is no surprise that many anorexics also experience anhedonia, the inability to experience pleasure.
The sex addict-intimacy anorexic will have sell-sex or sex with others regularly, but often will have no connection sexually with their spouse--often taking pains to avoid it.
Anorexics cleverly cover their tracks spreading crumbs, leaving buttery knives on the table, false traces of toast uneaten and consigned to the bin when no one is looking.
A possible reason is that although calorie-restricting anorexics manage to obtain some vitamins, women who purge absorb fewer.
Many show disturbing images of anorexics and offer tips on vomiting and using laxatives to lose weight.
the dancers would have liked to be thinner, whereas the controls and anorexics were satisfied with their body weight; 3.
Steve Bloomfield of the Eating Disorders Association said some anorexics kept scrapbooks of skinny models.
Various ways in which anorexia nervosa can be treated are also part of this past research and these treatments mainly focus on the medical, psychological, and social conditions of female anorexics.