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Synonyms for anorexic

a person suffering from anorexia nervosa

suffering from anorexia nervosa


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In other ways, too, Elaine's behavior echoes that commonly attributed to nineteenth-century anorectics.
The popularity of anorectic drugs among the general public and many doctors should also be taken into consideration.
Probably the most common API is the banned anorectic drug sibutramine, for which there are currently at least two analogues and an active metabolite.
The use of oppositional food discourse has led critics to deem Kafka's literature, even Kafka himself, anorectic (Deleuze and Guattari 30; Medeiros; Neumann, "Menschenfresser" 358).
Perceived shape and weight are significantly distorted; despite vast evidence to the contrary, the anorectic still believes that they are 'fat'.
In his 25 years treating girls (and a few boys) with anorexia, Linscheid has encountered anorectics as young as nine and ten years old.
Heather Munro Prescott's "Anorexia Nervosa," for example, summarizes the class, cultural, and ethnic assumptions about anorectics, and concludes that "the standard image of anorexia nervosa as a privileged white girl's disease is increasingly being called into question.
Among the 22 who completed the program, severe relapses (a return to DSM-IV criteria for eating disorders) and partial relapses (significant eating problems) over 5 years were more common in binging and purging anorectics than in restrictors.
We know that anorexia often does involve low sell-esteem but the reproductive suppression model has not yet been fully integrated with this prior knowledge and fails to account for the 10% o f human anorectics who are male.
There was no history to suggest other cardiorespiratory illness, collagen vascular disease, or use of anorectics.
At one level this is an empirical study of a group of anorectics and their `stories' of illness and/or recovery.
The drug is not approved for use in combination with other anorectics.
From Claude-Pierre I learned that anorectics are too kind: "Humanists of the first degree," they sacrifice their need to develop their own identities "for the sake of healing the world.
Educators, who are informed of the symptoms of anorexia nervosa, are able to identify potential anorectics and refer them to psychological services early in the onset of the disorder and increase the likelihood of a more favorable prognosis.
8) The body, for anorectics and for many others, is one important object of control.