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Men like heavier Martian music and all the techy, anoraky details about amps and how it was made.
You could well argue that the very reason boys don't read much is precisely because they aren't encouraged to break out of the caveman stereotype that only allows them to be interested in violence, physical action and anoraky facts.
Katchor's libretto played up New Yorkers' obsession with surface, throwing in the anoraky details of writers like Jonathan Franzen.
"If he'd made even one appearance for us, someone a little more anoraky than me would know about it."
Word soon gets round the village when someone does something eccentric, and within days of the big green thing arriving, the anoraky tyre-kickers started to arrive, all ooohing and aaahing and wanting to climb inside and savour the experience.
During his party's coalition talks with Plaid, he warned: "I think the people of Wales are far more interested in issues like the state of local schools and services provided by their GP surgeries, than the rather anoraky subject of lawmaking powers for the Assembly."
In that delightfully anoraky way scientists have, Cardiff University's Dr Cliff Carnall has even got a formula to prove it - W+(D-d) pounds xTQ MxNA.This breaks down as weather (W ), debt from Christmas spending (D) minus the amount to be paid on your next payday, the time (T) since Christmas, disappointment at not keeping New Year resolutions (Q), general motivation levels (M), the need to take action (NA), and the fact that Ultimate Force: Series 2 with Ross Kemp is released on DVD.
Following up his full length debut Large (itself having grown out of an award-winning short), Justin Edgar maintains a shapely titular theme with Round, a three handed romantic comedy set in the Rotunda with Dominic Coleman as a security guard into expanding his vocabulary, Simon Lowe as his less cultured colleague and Jo Enright as the cleaning lady who ignites love at first sight but doesn't share his anoraky passion for flying kites.
Perdita Patterson, editor of What Mobile, says: "Text messaging was a very anoraky thing in the early days.
Rhondda MP Chris Bryant said, "I think the people of Wales are far more interested in issues that affect them like the state of local schools and the services provided by their GP surgeries than the rather anoraky subject of lawmaking powers for the Assembly."
The pictures, some culled from private collections,include many not seen before and the text is detailed without tending towards the anoraky. mem/index.htm - It might look drab, but this rather anoraky site is a good place to start football memorabilia/programme collecting.
Morwenna Banks perfected the `Yes, it's twue' world- wise junior schoolgirl, Moray Hunter became the anoraky Calum Gilhooley, and the Welsh member of the team, John Sparkes, created accident prone DIY expert Denzil and the lavatorial Frank Hovis.
Wales Office Ministers have dismissed concerns about the Government's proposed carve-up of child welfare as 'minor' and 'anoraky'.