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But why buy an anorak when you can actually be one?
festival-goers are already kitted out in wellingtons and anoraks.
I DISCOVERED the other week that I have become an anorak - the football equivalent of a trainspotter.
AN anorak army of TRAINSPOTTERS is being recruited in the war on terror.
But our findings prove what people have long suspected - wearing anoraks can be dangerous and injurious to health.
Except, that is, when it comes to the many religions of the anorak world.
After several customers returned anoraks to the stores, GapKids determined that the zippers were not as originally specified to the manufacturer.
IF I may be permitted to don my hunter chase anorak - as opposed to any of my many other anoraks - momentarily, I'd like to correct one detail in Alastair Down's piece on Worcester (May 25).
If you want to come across as fun-loving, you should steer clear of small straight fonts, like Courier, because they are associated with boring anoraks.
The charity is hoping to raise funds by asking for unloved but clean anoraks to be abandoned at its shops.
With their anoraks, notebooks, thermos flasks and binoculars, they are a loco part of life's rich tapestry.
Contract notice: Supply anoraks and verkehrsdienstanoraks.
Anoraks have become so popular tomorrow has been declared World Anorak Day.
THOSE new powder-blue anoraks that Sven and the rest of the England coaching staff wear are hideous.
ANORAKS can cause serious injury or even death - because the hoods stop wearers seeing properly, says a medical expert.