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The company plans a fares promotion on this route to reflect the success of its pounds 10 special fares between Cardiff and Manchester.: 'Flight will save me hours':The first person to buy a ticket for the intra-Wales air service admitted he had been motivated by an anorakish desire to be on the first flight from Anglesey.
I go riding, schlep round the shops, do anorakish things with my son, have outings with my daughter, and that's it.
He looks like the Brazilian equivalent of a garden gnome and clearly has an anorakish interest in old keyboards and musical electronic gadgets.
Tony Cottee kept a scrapbook of every goal he ever scored, while Joe Royle's recollection of his playing career is positively anorakish.
Collecting memorabilia from films and TV shows has become big business - and is no longer something which people feel anorakish about.
Next came the moment I was dreading as, for some reason, the Stones had given their more anorakish followers a chance to vote for their favourite song on the band's Internet site.
This is creation where composition and performance happen for the most part simultaneously, and for that reason alone, this 'anorakish' attention to detail is justified.
Atkinson's career has essentially been based on this anorakish aspect of his character, especially the nerdish Mr Bean, perhaps his most memorable creation.