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Anorak Technologies, a UK-based start-up that is building a life insurance advice platform, has said that it has raised capital.
But I'm definitely Keeping Faith with the other anoraks.
"This man was wearing a cap, had his anorak pulled up and was keeping his face down.
But Anorak City can reveal that there's a real game-changer coming up.
A long time ago I saw the perfect anorak in a shop window in duty free at Gatwick airport.
In fact, two will come in cheaper than the cheapest anorak in Additions.
WEEKEND wear used to mean an anorak. We were lucky!
One of the robbers was black, 5ft 9in tall and of medium build, with a black anorak and black tracksuit trousers.
SCOTLAND legend Kenny Dalglish has hailed the achievements of Alex McLeish - the man he calls Anorak.
I DISCOVERED the other week that I have become an anorak - the football equivalent of a trainspotter.
The lightweight hooded anorak (three-quarter zip front) has a kangaroo pocket, into which both anorak and matching pant will pack.
If I was a reporter covering any of the events he used as examples, then I'd much rather be wearing a fleece or anorak (alright, maybe NOT an anorak) than a shirt and tie thanks very much.
The Anorak concept is to take the standards format and gently wring it out of shape, using familiar melodies as a basis for re-composition, made in the Ballamy image.
A STEAM railway buff who torched a train and a locomotive shed is in jail today after being sunk by his anorak.
For lovers of precision, the difference between a parka and an anorak is also defined.