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In the absence of the nuisance of mosquitoes biting, people tend to cease using bed nets because of an erroneous assumption that very low anopheline populations would not pose a significant risk of malaria (Pulford et al.
0001), ranging from 0 to 40 anophelines captured per house for a single sampling period after intervention (mean = 5.
This decrease in temperature coincided with the first decrease in vector density; another possible reason for the decrease was pyrethrum spray catch testing of anopheline vectors conducted by our team, which started in April 2003.
Outdoor entomologic surveys showed the following: of 439 anophelines collected in 2004, 60.
and other anophelines (138 and 16 mosquitoes, respectively), which corresponds to the peak of rainfall in the locality.
Irrigated farming has the greatest potential to create additional breeding sites, and irrigated, open-spaced vegetable farming has been linked to higher anopheline densities in Kumasi, Ghana (4).
One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the changes in the indoor resting catches of anophelines between village groups during pre-treatment and post-treatment periods.
Because of its close proximity to Africa, Spain is one of the European countries most susceptible to the traffic of sub-Saharan migrant workers and the risk for transmission by mosquitoes migrating from other countries or indigenous anophelines infected by gametogenic hosts has increased substantially.
The fauna of anophelines in the municipality of Sao Paulo includes species that can secondarily participate in the transmission of the disease in the city.
falciparum in anophelines by altering kinetics of ookinete maturation.
Anophelines of Siliguri-Naxalbari block, Darjeeling, west Bengal.
Species composition of anophelines and their man-hour densities in different seasons in the study area are presented in Table 1.
In other European and Mediterranean countries, other anophelines have been considered secondary (An.