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any mosquito of the genus Anopheles

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Anopheline larvae were found in different types of habitats and occurred in man-made and temporary habitats with high population density.
Impact of dams and irrigation schemes in Anopheline (Diptera: Culicidae) bionomics and malaria epidemiology.
Effect of landscape structure on anopheline mosquito density and diversity in northern Thailand: implications for malaria transmission and control.
Quantitative dynamics of Plasmodium yoelii sporozoite transmission by infected anopheline mosquitoes.
Anopheline larvae were collected from all these identified macro- and micro-breeding sites.
In Pakistan about 24 Anopheline species are reported among which Anophele sculicifacies and Anopheles Stephensi are confirmed vectors for malarial transmission [8].
Knowledge of the bioecological aspects of anopheline larvae is limited primarily to the characterization of their habitats.
Anopheline systematics has reached its zenith in classical morphology some years ago and is now dominated by molecular genetics research (Harbach 2004).
2003) has preliminarily tested it against some culicine and anopheline mosquito showing promising effects.
None of the adult or larval mosquitoes collected were malaria vectors, and no anopheline mosquito breeding sites were found (Fig.
Abai, "Malaria situation and anopheline mosquitoes in Qom province, central Iran," Iranian Journal of Arthropod-Borne Diseases, vol.
1998) noticed that localities altered by human activites showed a greater diversity of anopheline species, probably caused by agricultural activities that provide additional nutrients to the area.