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Anopheles mosquito density for both the study areas was expressed in per trap night density (PTND).
Commonly, the disease is transmitted by a bite from an infected female Anopheles mosquito, which introduces the organisms from its saliva into a person's circulatory system.
The Anopheles mosquito bites a human infected with the Plasmodium malariae protozoa and carries the parasite to the next human it bites.
parasitic disease transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito, which
Sir Ronald, who became Professor of Tropical Medicine at Liverpool University the following year, was behind research which traced the mechanism by which malaria is transmitted to man by the anopheles mosquito for the first time.
It is transmitted by certain microorganisms that are transmitted by the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito, and first infect the patient's liver.
He also added that they would be taking a sample to be tested to see whether it is actually the anopheles mosquito, the female of which carries malaria.
The plan was simple: grow, harvest and process the catnip plant (Nepeta cataria) to create a mosquito repellent that could be applied to clothing or skin to protect against the malaria-carrying Anopheles mosquito.
I'mWelsh born and reared and, though I curse lashing rain arm in arm with a whistling wind, while being inconvenienced by them, I also appreciate the fact that they keep my homeland free of the Anopheles mosquito, scorpions, killer snakes, funnel-web spiders, chigger and tumbler flies, to say nothing of nocturnal mosquitonets and barracudas off Barry Island.
This parasite is spread in the community by the bite of female anopheles mosquito.
Malaria is a preventable and treatable parasitic disease transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito.
When an infective anopheles mosquito bites a person the malaria parasites are injected into the person with her saliva.
Malaria, a protozoan infection transmitted by the biting female Anopheles mosquito, affects about 40% of the world's population.
He warns that malaria, caused when bitten by a female Anopheles mosquito, can lie in the system for days or weeks without alarming symptoms.