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About 40 of the 430 species of Anopheles mosquito efficiently transmit malaria.
The effect of crude aqueous extracts obtained from the neem leaf callus and neem fresh leaf against the larvae of Anopheles mosquito was investigated separately.
Even the best prevention regimen doesn't eliminate the possibility of malaria, so visitors should take steps to prevent exposure by avoiding the source: The Anopheles mosquito.
An ongoing surveillance and control program is important because the Anopheles mosquito can survive the winter and because there's no way to identify and treat the infected but asymptomatic human reservoir.
However, something else is surviving as well: the anopheles mosquito.
While the Anopheles mosquito is the vector for the malaria parasite, these particular mosquitoes weren't infected.
When the French could not build the Panama Canal and the Americans did, it is because we had figured out that yellow jack was carried by the anopheles mosquito," Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan says.
At first, success seemed to be at hand when the insecticides began freeing vast areas of Africa and Asia from the anopheles mosquito.
Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by Plasmodium parasites transmitted from a female Anopheles mosquito.
Meghalaya highlands were originally heavily forested, providing an environment unfavourable to Anopheles mosquito.
Malaria exists anywhere that the Anopheles mosquito lives, which are the hot and humid areas of central and southern America, most of Africa, Asia, and (for those planning seriously exotic travel) Oceania.
Next Pang created a computer model of AChEs in the malaria-carrying Anopheles mosquito.
Both indoor residual insecticide spraying and insecticide-treated bednets have been shown to be highly effective for control of the anopheles mosquito vector.