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a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role

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He adds that the cities are gradually becoming "impersonals, anonyms and finally, empty (...) The cities need soul !" .
Anonyms have no market value, and so they remain free to address their fellow anonyms in languages unfit for human consumption.
On the assumption that anonyms as well as celebrities embody potential sources of pollution, let the government award poor-conduct credits to every man, woman, and child in the country.
Martha Feldman turns to Michel Foucault's philosophy of the author in "Authors and Anonyms: Recovering the Anonymous Subject in Cinquecento Vernacular Objects." In particular, she investigates the role of anonymous works in printed anthologies of Italian secular music in the sixteenth century.
The book is divided into seven chapters (with an overly long conclusion entitled "Anonyms for Free Enterprise").
Conventions of name concealment--including anonyms, pseudonyms, initials, anagrams, and numerous variations on these practices--were ubiquitous in British newspapers, periodicals, and volumes of prose and poetry during the romantic period.
With this shift from name concealment to signature, name concealment became a matter of historical interest; dictionaries of anonyms, pseudonyms, and fictitious names began to appear in which scholars described this practice in its various forms, and revealed and catalogued the "true identities" of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century authors.
(26.) John Edward Haynes lists the various types of fictitious names as pseudonyms, anonyms, anagrams (transposing letters of the name), phraseonyms (a phrase related to the subject matter), titlenyms (use of a title), and initialism (use of one or more initials, often in combination with dashes or stars).
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