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Synonyms for anonym

a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role

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24) Mary Hiller estimates that between 1824 and 1900, 75% of articles published in monthlies and quarterlies were signed with anonyms or pseudonyms (124).
an anagram for Ralph Thomas), Handbook of Fictitious Names (London, 1868); John Edward Haynes followed suit in 1882 with Pseudonyms of Authors, Including Anonyms and Initialisms (New York, 1882); and Samuel Halkett and John Laing in the 1880's, with Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous English Literature.
John Edward Haynes, "Preface," Pseudonyms of Authors, Including Anonyms and Initialism (New York, 1882).
Catherine Gallagher like Pascoe ascribes agency to women writers' uses of anonyms and fictional personae; she argues in her study of eighteenth-century women novelists that to go nameless was not to be a "nobody"; the anonym or the dash signifies "an outside where a referent too important to be named waits to be discovered" (213).