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Synonyms for anonymous

Synonyms for anonymous

having an unknown name or author

Synonyms for anonymous

having no known name or identity or known source



not known or lacking marked individuality

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"The person who wrote to you anonymously," she said, "alluded to a correspondence.
There's not one in a thousand who would do as you've done, and not one in a million who would do it anonymously."
Pollard," said he, "my book, The Biography of a Dead Cow , is published anonymously, but you can hardly be ignorant of its authorship.
The New York Supreme Court in August ruled that Google must reveal any identifying information it had about a blogger who anonymously used its service to lash out against a professional model, Liskula Cohen.
The campaign launched in Meirionnydd asks the public to help provide vital information anonymously which could lead to a cash reward.
The first is to ask nurses who have experienced HV, or who may have acted in a way they now recognise as aggressive, to write vignettes which I would like to use anonymously (they can be sent anonymously).
It has been around for many years and you can report anyone or any vehicle in confidence and anonymously.
Patients and family members can offer their comments anonymously on the Independent Review Group's Web site at www.
New legislation allows them to be registered anonymously while still being able to vote.
(12) Recently, some companies have begun issuing traditional credit cards that can be legally obtained anonymously. Customers prepay a fixed amount for the cards then use them at retailers (currently, online auctions), which accept the card anonymously as payment.
"This technology might make it impossible for a person to use the Web anonymously.
The secret hold, also known as a procedural hold, is a senatorial courtesy members can use to anonymously stall a bill they'd rather not see come to the floor.
A modified version of the Firefox web browser from Mozilla, has been introduced for web users concerned about privacy, enabling them to browse the Internet anonymously.
The marshals who spoke anonymously offered documents demonstrating that their performance reviews were based directly on producing SDRs--even if by doing so they imperil the rights of innocent Americans they were supposedly hired to protect.