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a common way to make software available

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A "heavy" attack will perform each of these steps and search for several other known vulnerabilities, such as writable anonymous ftp directories or trusted hosts.
It is a user-level process that runs on Unix systems and connects to remote machines via authenticated and anonymous FTP and HTTP protocols.
Anonymous FTP is an important and widely used Internet service.
In addition to the conventional site-to-site transfers, there are many anonymous FTP sites on the Internet where browsers can access and retrieve public domain information, software and data files free of charge.
The NetFirst database contains nearly 55,000 records providing extensive coverage of Web sites, Usenet newsgroups, listserv mailing lists, and anonymous ftp sites.
Archie: The collective name for a series of servers that store names of anonymous FTP sites and facilitate user connection to those sites.
The document may also be obtained via anonymous ftp from www.
File Transfer Protocol, also called ftp or anonymous ftp, is another useful tool in on-line publishing.
Free Adobe[TM] Reader software is available by connecting to the anonymous FTP site ftp.
A researcher may use anonymous FTP to download and to browse the ARS Water Database on Internet by connecting to the address: hydrolab.
Many of the printed sources listed in the discussion of telnet--The Whole Internet User's Guide, NUSIRG, the publications by December and Yanoff--list addresses for documents available through anonymous FTP.
The list includes Listserv groups, Usenet groups, Freenets, Data Archives, Electronic Publications & Health Science oriented databases, as well as anonymous ftp sites for software applications and several new Gopher sites, databases and libraries.
Files available via anonymous ftp include, but are not limited to: bibliographies, guides, books, tutorials, poetry, discussion-group archives files, software for particular computers, electronic journals and shareware programs.
Beyond the Web, the course teaches the use of Archie and anonymous ftp to find and download useful text and binary files, gopher search tools such as Veronica and Jughead to pinpoint industry-specific information, mailing lists and newsgroups to locate others with common interests, various directory services to find specific e-mail addresses, and telnet and commercial databases to access relevant research data.
On the Internet, the traditional method is called anonymous FTP The "FTP" stands for "file transfer protocol," while the "anonymous" refers to the capability of some host computers of allowing anyone to log on to a remote site without needing a private account and password.