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a common way to make software available

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While the process of decoding, editing, and extracting may seem laborious, especially when compared to the simplicity of anonymous FTP, it is currently the only way many people can access the vast amount of software available on the Internet.
To access NISO information via anonymous ftp, do ftp and sign on with a log-in id of anonymous and a password of guest.
A list of public access unix sites is available for anonymous FTP from HYDRA.UWO.CA as file PUBLIC_UNIX.TXT in the LIBSOFT directory.
For example, many times I have found out about a particular document available for anonymous FTP, retrieved it, downloaded it, and printed it, all within minutes of when I first discovered it.
The Third Revision of the Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences, which is a useful directory of BITNET and Internet conferences classified by subject (and including descriptions), is available via anonymous FTP from KSUVXA.KENT.EDU through e-mail by sending the following command to LISTSERV@KENTVM:
(Telnet to and log in as sdsuinfo.) A file listing campuswide information systems is available for anonymous FTP from in the libsoft directory.
* Invite guests via "anonymous FTP"--or clients set up with logins and pass words to your FTP site or to a particular file, such as "ftp://pre" Visitors won't need to download an FTP program; their browser will go to FTP sites where they can collect your files by clicking on them.
For example, a default installation of Windows 2000 server enables an anonymous FTP (file transfer protocol) service.
Examples from this database are located at the anonymous FTP site at /pub/databases/data/sd27.tar.
(25.) See generally Gaffin, supra note 4, at [subsections] 7.1-7.4; Perry Rovers, Anonymous FTP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List <http://hoohoo.
(8) For example, crashing an anonymous FTP server to try to get the shadow password file from the resulting core dump is an attack, but labeling the actual anonymous FTP connection and nothing else as an attack was considered a false alarm.
COPS checks whether certain files can be modified and looks for potential vulnerabilities in services, such as the existence of an anonymous ftp setup.
In addition, we also wanted to present resources from the large number of existing HTTP and anonymous FTP servers as if they were local to allow applications to transparently access remote files.
Through the Internet, CERT maintains a mailing list for distribution of CERT advisories, a Web site, and an anonymous ftp server.
They are Telnet, Anonymous FTP, Gopher, and the World Wide Web.