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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


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read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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Malala threw herself into her education and when the Taliban banned girls from attending school in her district in 2009, she started an anonymous blog for the BBC describing her life under the regime and promoting education for girls.
Her anonymous blog, first published by BBC Urdu, documented Taliban atrocities committed in Pakistan's Swat Valley and saw the schoolgirl receive international praise.
Summary: A detective unmasked as the writer of an anonymous blog after a Times journalist hacked into his email is suing the paper for damages.
An anonymous blog is a paradox--a private diary fully exposed to a world of strangers.
In 2004, Steve Dublanica started Waiter Rant, an anonymous blog that charted his vexations waiting tables at an upscale bistro in the New York City 'burbs.
A Florida man who wrote about his church on his anonymous blog has settled a lawsuit against a police department that exposed his identity at the request of the church's pastor.
The latter appears affiliated with another anonymous account, @SidelineBomber; they both promote an anonymous blog,, which defends the speaker while lashing out at Democrats and Republicans on the far right, referring to the latter as "jihadists." (Straus, though conservative, won the speaker's chair on a coalition composed mostly of Democrats, which irritated some on the right.)
Most newspapers have always required letters to the editor to be signed and verified, but anonymous blog and Twitter postings are routine.
(3) See http://forums.studentdoctor.nets/showthread.php?t=462211, "Women in cardiology", Anonymous blog postings, accessed May 6, 2008.
Boi From Troi, a gay Republican, says his anonymous blog has helped him find open-minded people to talk politics with.
Poe urged Dayao to come out and attend Senate hearing, saying that hiding behind an anonymous blog is a sign of guilt.
Malala, now 17, was just 15 when she was shot on her school bus in 2012 after she was unmasked as the writer of an anonymous blog defying Taliban plans to deny girls education.
Her journey began in 2009 when as a seventh grade student in the Swat District she was approached about writing an anonymous blog for the BBC expressing her views on education and life under the threat of the Taliban taking over her valley.
Malala first rose to prominence after writing an anonymous blog about life under harsh Taliban rule, which later her saw her targeted for assassination.
She was only 11 when she started an anonymous blog for the BBC's Urdu service, campaigning for access to education for girls in her region (prohibited for girls after Year 4 by the Taliban).