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Synonyms for anonymous

Synonyms for anonymous

having an unknown name or author

Synonyms for anonymous

having no known name or identity or known source



not known or lacking marked individuality

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The newspaper description of the style of the anonymous letters declares it to be the style of a Scotchman in the lower ranks of life--in other words, points plainly to Bishopriggs.
Use the hashtags #OpUSA, #OpIsrael and #FreedomInWorld to see all the Anonymous posts on social media.
Les Anonymous incitent les internautes a rejoindre leur action.
ISIS criticized and called Anonymous "idiot" for declaring war, on November 14, as the hacker group announced plans to seek revenge for the victims of the Paris attacks.
Tweeting from its #OpParis account, Anonymous stated, "We report that more than 5,500 Twitter account (sic) of #ISIS (ISIL) are now #down
From high-class call girl to streetwalker, Anonymous is exploited, her life forever altered.
The wraparound Anonymous Alerts mobile apps reporting system empowers students and individuals to anonymously report sensitive issues directly to authorized personnel.
Anonymous speech may seem like the spawn of recent technology, but in truth there's a long history of anonymity being used for a positive purpose.
Comparing the tone of thousands of online comments posted by anonymous and non-anonymous users following online newspaper stories, Santana found that 53.
An anonymous caller, a man, said that an explosive device has been planted on the second floor of the building.
There have been a wider range of attacks blamed on Anonymous, but it has been difficult to identify if this was accurate, given a lack of alignment to a visible operation.
Activist Trivedi confirmed Anonymous had contacted him yesterday afternoon to inform him about defacing BSNL's site.
The group claimed, "not only will we attack your organisation's websites; Anonymous will also make sure that you stand exposed against your people as well as the international community.
Anonymous has taken as a symbol of its hacktivism the Fawkes mask designed by David Lloyd, illustrator of the "V for Vendetta" comic book series.
Anonymous has been called everything from hacktavists, to terrorists, and has attacked governments of all types.