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a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role

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Anonym, Final Report of Basic Design: RE-Design and DED Parts for Embankment Dams of Mud Holding and Mud Re-Flowing to the East Side of the Mud Volcano Crater (in Indonesian), PT.
pounds 4 an aNo N Ju 7) Anonym n February a 45million.
Only anonym zed data was used, so identifying individuals was impossible and no information about the recipients, the subject, or content of a message was accessed.
Despite carrying out "extensive inquiries" to trace Grant the force is now appealing for help from anyone who has seen him, or knows anything of his whereabouts, to call police on 0300 123 4455 or Crimestoppers, anonym usly, on 0800 555 111.
Wahrend bisherige Kaiser die Synodenbeschlusse anonym unterschrieben hatten, unterzeichnete Justinian II.
Queensland Fertility Group gynaecologist Dr John Hynes, who carried out the insemination procedure that impregnated Ms Keevers with sperm from an anonym o u s d o n o r, confirmed what Rosemary said.
NHS Teenage eck which launched ar is aimed at youngged 12 to 15 years old s been allowing them e a range of health and ing issues confidenand in one accessible Youn at any anonym not a details The such a healthy addres surroun and sa young a ng people can log on y time to take the mous quiz which does ask for personal.
The work is inspired by an urban universe, in which the human being is reduced to the anonym individual, as a small piece of the incomprehensible mechanism.
As Ranciere writes: the name of any 'injured community that invokes its rights is always the name of the anonym, the name of anyone' and its 'universality is not enclosed in citizen or human being; it is involved in the "what follows," in its discursive and practical enactment' (Ranciere, 1992: 60).
Trotz seiner prominenten Rolle bleibt der Mr-rh auffallend anonym und in seinem konkreten Wesen wenig greifbar--so klar der Name in seiner Bedeutung an sich auch ist.
Jahrhunderts (10) der Strahlenbergforschung bislang ganzlich unbekannt geblieben ist, erklart sich wohl--abgesehen davon, dasz sich in dem anonym erschienenen ,,Tractat" selbst kein Hinweis auf v.