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a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role

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Jahrhunderts (10) der Strahlenbergforschung bislang ganzlich unbekannt geblieben ist, erklart sich wohl--abgesehen davon, dasz sich in dem anonym erschienenen ,,Tractat" selbst kein Hinweis auf v.
Trotz seiner prominenten Rolle bleibt der Mr-rh auffallend anonym und in seinem konkreten Wesen wenig greifbar--so klar der Name in seiner Bedeutung an sich auch ist.
Steganos has developed and launched a new service to provide any online users, at home and in HotSpots, with a unique way to anonymously surf and exchange data--Steganos Internet Anonym VPN.
I wonder, furthermore, if anonym ity was really necessary, or even asked for, in every instance cited supra?
Mapfumo's new double disc, "Chimurenga Rebel/ Manhungetunge," is due out this weekend on Anonym Records.
Catherine Gallagher like Pascoe ascribes agency to women writers' uses of anonyms and fictional personae; she argues in her study of eighteenth-century women novelists that to go nameless was not to be a "nobody"; the anonym or the dash signifies "an outside where a referent too important to be named waits to be discovered" (213).
Ariste betreuten Arbeiten zu rechnen: in der Sowjetzeit geschriebene Doktordissertationen waren vollig selbstandige Arbeiten (wobei es eine Sache fur sich war, dass Dissertationen von Partei- und Regierungsleuten, von Rektoren und Direktoren oft von anonym gebliebenen Fachkraften verfasst worden waren).
As Oguibe notes, these artists challenge "the colonial desire for the faceless native, the anonym," which still lives in some international art circles.
Lynda Ramsden's gelding beat Anonym by one and a half lengths.
Apprentice John Bramhill was the star on the sand at Wolverhampton, landing a 25-1 double on Sotonian and Anonym.
Steganos Secure VPN is based on the approved OpenVPN application just like its anonymity service for home users, Steganos Internet Anonym VPN.
Davis and Cleary plotted to carry out other unknown internet groups the attacks with members of Anonym Feds an Da cons out se t h OA a Icke's book You Are as he yesterday.
Yet his propensity to eschew work and remain prolifically productive was predicated on the anonym mous labor of Afghan women, in what could accurately be described as a form of global outsourcing.
1 I MASON HUE YEW (Modern jazz/soul diva) 2 ANONYM JOSH (Flying ace) 3 BLOND JOHNNY SON Ex U.
Anyone who witnessed either incident can call Belgrave Road police on 0845 113 5000 or Crimestoppers anonym usly on 0800 555111.