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Synonyms for anon.

having no known name or identity or known source


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El enfasis de esta edicion en la parte grafica no solo comprende las imagenes que muchos conocemos sino que incluye tambien las volutas decorativas del Codice Florentino, en este empeno reconstructivo, visual y estetico de Valeria Anon. Desde sus anteriores libros, emplea el sentido de las figuras gramaticales en su lectura de las cronicas coloniales y esto le ha dado resultados muy enriquecedores.
Ritu sets a plate of food down in front of Anon. She sets it down hard.
(2.) Anon., "ASTM Designation E132-86 (re-approved 1992) - standard test method for Poisson's ratio at room temperature," 1994 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol.
British Heart Foundation: pounds 10 in memory of Peggy McKee, wife of the late Jimmy, and mum of the late Margaret and Jim.pounds 20 with thanks to Our Lady of Carmel for favours, Anon. British Lung Foundation: pounds 20, remembering with love my sister Violet Roy died June 8, 2009.
The Oliver Curd Trust: pounds 30 Anon UNICEF: pounds 10 Anon.
British Red Cross: pounds 10 Anon. pounds 27 From Etienne.
Anon. pounds 10 For all the support from family, friends and workmates present during my recent illness.
Alzheimer Scotland: pounds 15 Anon. pounds 30.00 In memory of Margaret Offord, died January 23, 2004.
Anon. pounds 10 In memory of my mum Kitty McGarrigle.
Mencap: pounds 20 Anon. Mother Teresa Fund: pounds 3 Anon.
Muscular Dystrophy Group: pounds 10 From Anon. Oxfam: pounds 10 From Anon.