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(old-fashioned or informal) in a little while

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Entre La palabra despierta (2012) y su edicion del Libro XII de Sahagun, Anon ha publicado dos libros mas relacionados con el descubrimiento y conquista: en 2012 la Segunda carta de Relacion de Hernan Cortes (edicion, prologo y notas); en 2013 una Antologia esencial de Cristobal Colon.
Anon is literally giving women a voice, as some of the lines in the opera are direct quotes from the women I met.
And because Anon is a co-production with Birmingham-based South Asian arts organisation Sampad, which saw its relevance to contemporary Indian stories.
The money, collected on fundraising site Indiegogo in the account name "Jackal Anon", will be used for development and hosting fees.
Tickets for the show at Berties Banqueting Rooms are pounds 25 from Anon, 01422 379681.
Anon said PTTEP had shut down part of Bongkot gas field in the Gulf of Thailand and planned to stop operations at Yadana and Yetagun in Myanmar and the Malaysian-Thai joint development area for a week or two in the fourth quarter.
Obviously the fat cat bankers' eyes lit up whey they heard they can get a welder hired from a third world country for 90 pence an hour anon It's really a shame, but as everyone knows the economic situation today is vastly different to when the project commenced.
ANON (also called Koo Ri, Lan, Monkey, Nobody), a teenage refugee
Now I know it seems a very long time since Mr Blair took over 10 Downing Street, but does Anon really believe he has been in office since the 1950s, when Britain unravelled its imperial ties?
(1.) Anon., "ASTM Designation D638-91 (re-approved 1992) - standard test method for tensile properties of plastics," 1994 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol.
[1-3] In his authoritative paper in 1998, Anon compared four types of computer-aided endoscopic sinus surgical devices: the ISG Viewing Wand (ISG Technologies; Mississauga, Ont.), the ISG Infrared Optotrak, the IGT Flash Point 5000 (Image Guided Technologies; Boulder, Colo.), and the VTI InstaTrak (Visualization Technologies, Inc.; Woburn, Mass.) [1] Anon wrote that all of these units are relatively user-friendly and that they are all accurate to within 2 mm.
Within Al Anon, for example, a large proportion of the membership banded together to resist incorporating ACoA groups into their program.
Many, on the other hand, arrived in the Usenet feed beating addresses like "an," identifying them as having been transmitted through a well-known Finnish "anonymous remailer." Anonymous remailers like operate very simply: If Alice wants to send an anonymous message to Bob (or to alt.religion.scientology), she prepares the message and sends it not to the intended recipient but to the address (along with forwarding instructions); the remailer simply strips off all of the information from this message related to Alice (and the machines that Alice used to transmit the message), and it then forwards the message - now containing a "return address" indicating only the remailer from which it came - as instructed.
I can picture him saying to Hillary Clinton: 'Go on punk, make my day.' Anon I LOVE Renee Zellweger, I have even met her - but please, hen, do something about your hairstyle.Anon