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socially disoriented

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As he further puts it, 'That is to say, everything happens as if both law and logos needed an anomic (or alogical) zone of suspension in order to ground their reference to the world of life' (SE 60).
As shown in Table 1, the participant presented with moderate, anomic aphasia, as evidenced by performance on the Western Aphasia Battery [29] and the Porch Index of Communicative Abilities (PICA) [30].
In the face of an anomic world fragmented by grief and war, in which the mirror between humanity and nature has shattered, Lily celebrates a superfluous moment of human fellowship eternally framed beyond the confines of space and time and brought to life through the imaginative motion of memory.
Some students made comments which we characterized as "anomic themes" because the students were unable to suggest anything positive about group work, or improving group work.
And it is through an intuitive affinity with this (anti-community) "anomic" that a becoming-animal is put into effect.
He is aware, for example, that the multitude enters not only into those simulated communities already discussed, but may also seek refuge from post-Fordism's anomic character by attempting to revive politically regressive forms of localism and populism, or by constituting what Bonomi calls "bounded communities" ("comunita perimetrate"): "Nel caso italiano sono stati la base di massa di fenomeni localistici e neopopulisti come la Lega prima e il Berlusconismo poi" (Il trionfo della moltitudine 97).
3) Anomic: These communities have a high rate of crime and disorder and a low level of neighborhood development.
Decay is routinely represented as the result of "inner degeneration." External influences help this process along, to be sure, but it is primarily the neglect and "ossification" of the nation's own traditions which weaken its social and moral fabric and makes it vulnerable to the "materialist corruptions" of "anomic cosmopolitanism." We will see how vividly Horace exemplifies this way of constructing the nation's trajectory in general, and in particular how he develops this notion of inner decay as the worst enemy of the divinely sanctioned march forward.
(16) Basically, an overemphasis on structural goals, such as financial success and material desires, pave the way for anomic conditions in society.
Richard Dyer writes that The Clock is "a series of vignettes culled straight from the imagery of the [Garland] small town films, rendering the anomic city into something more comfortable" (Dyer, p159).
The writer can remember encouraging students to report perceived problems of unfairness, whether anomic or misconceptions.
I cannot agree with Berkovits's strong criticism of Martin Buber as essentially anomic. (9) In general, Rabbi Borowitz, in Choices in Modern Jewish Thought, (10) is much more empathic and, accordingly, more helpful than Berkovits in reading modern Jewish thinkers, though he too can be quite critical when he finds criticism necessary.
11-40), I differentiate anomic ideal societies (Abundantia, Naturalia, Moralia and Millennium) from the law-based utopia (Utopia), and that distinction is basically grounded on material, functional and historical elements.
It is quite clear that the disjunctions of urban fabric resulting from the arrogance of the postwar politico-professional complex have intensified social divisions and individual anomic. Far too many of the creators of the huge social housing estates of that period had no more notion of the concepts of context and community that they had a ecology or cybernetics.
4) Most of us know better; that is, we understand that the lasting intimate relations within the family are the most dependable sources of SWB, but we nevertheless are drawn to live anomic and consumerist lives.