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socially disoriented

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Pruden and Longman (1972) were among the first researchers to consider anomie within the context of marketing research by looking at the relationship between anomic behavior and consumption.
Disguised as his own messenger, Orestes informs Electra that he "lives in ruin and inhabits no polis" (234), characterizing his exile as an anomic occupation of the spaces outside of civilized poleis (17) Orestes is, by his own account, a "fugitive [pheugon] who lacks power" (236) and social inclusion.
In this regard, in Guerra civil, terrorismo y anomia social, Peter Waldmann points out the relativity of the intrinsic value of the law in certain anomic spaces which are damaging to some individuals:
The urbanization in Lahore has brought in anomic conditions for its inhabitants.
The Essay's understanding of the natural history of man, in turn, revealed to Ferguson that an accelerating technical division of labor might have anomic consequences and so undermine the moral foundations of civil society.
The division of labour that people actually experience is nevertheless forced, egoistical, anomic and riddled with individual despair and conflict and this has become increasingly so in recent years with significant economic recession and ongoing austerity.
Analysis of family relations revealed two basic patterns of parental supervision: anomic (subdivided into absent or inept), and inconsistent or incoherent (typical or bipolar pattern).
Written essentially as an expansive socio-legal and anthropological case study of the situation of the Karen refugee camps in Thailand, Governing Refugees challenges the conventional understanding of the refugee camp as an anomic site of disorder and chaos and as a purely humanitarian and thus apolitical construct.
The world in transition, as depicted by Mda, does resemble Agamben's world of "anomie" where "order" is replaced by "disorder"; where "the possibility of anomic terror" becomes actual since the well-established regulations have been questioned (Agamben 2005: 66).
Ethics of Citizenship, and a Study on Anomic Condition of Youths in Tehran; Thesis for the grant of Master's Degree in Youths Sociology, submitted to the University of Tehran.
We theorize opportunity entrepreneurship as a creatively deviant response to anomic conditions in societies, i.
By providing opportunities to meet with likeminded people, they were therapy for the psychologically displaced; and by promoting values like "dedication to service" and "rugged individualism," they helped guide the anomic back into the mainstream.
Suicidal behavior is also common in societies where there is a low degree of social regulation (leading to anomic suicide).
Liberal and radical approaches are in substantial agreement on the criminogenic effects of capitalism--identified, for example, in the prevalence of the acquisitive logic of capitalist accumulation, in the relative deprivation experienced by disadvantaged groups in society, in the anomic consequences of rapid economic change, or in the criminalization of the strategies of survival pursued by marginalized social groups.
Labor relations in Latin America are atomistic and often anomic.