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socially disoriented

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It seems to us that the current state of the military and of civilian-military relations are rich with potential for changing circumstances that could lead to anomic responses in some servicemembers.
According to Emile Durkheim, my father was probably a candidate for anomic suicide.
anomic neighborhood violence may begin to be transmuted into more organized political violence" (Davis 21).
Ratcliffe and Piette argue that the immigration and growth of Paris during the first half of the nineteenth century was a continuation of earlier trends and did not produce a large population of anomic lumpenproletarians.
The sporting exchange takes place on the air of a highly controlled social exchange, excluding all physical or verbal violence, all anomic use of the body (shouting, wild gestures etc.
There was a fraternity that pessimists on the left might lament as missing from the anomic world of the early 21st century but these were very much bonds between men, forged in "the mutual dependencies of the pit, the union, the club" (Weeks, 2007, p.
In this somewhat anomic situation, Oleg Bychkov's attempt to find commonalities as well as significant differences among the contributors, and, where they differ, to fashion a taxonomy of their various approaches, was a valiant use of an extended introduction.
According to Holmes and Redmond, "In the modern world one is psychologically damaged, whether it is an anomic fan or a lonely famous person" (3).
Alienating and distancing prison cultures create anomic spaces--social and physical spaces where relationships, a sense of self, and self as potential agent, wither and die.
Especially on the African continent, "the coming anarchy" of chaotic, anomic urban agglomerations has, we learn from Andrew Burton's book, long been in the coming--in this case in the minds of colonial administrators and, ironically, also a good number of the more "established" very contributors to the process of urbanization.
In a few studies, conduction and anomic aphasics appear but are assumed to be milder versions of the Wernicke's patients.
He considered Argentina to be "a country outside the law" so far as "the anomic factor generates reduced levels of efficiency and productivity.
He classified suicide in three groupings: altruistic (in a tightly bound society, such as that of Japan, a member of that society will sacrifice her life for group goals); egoistic (in a weakly attached society, the impulse toward suicide would not be thwarted for the person could not fall back upon relations in that society--Durkheim viewed Protestantism as egoistic whereas Catholicism was more integrated); and anomic (a society that lacks clear-cut norms to govern aspirations and conduct a person will lose the security that group control and regulation can provide--Durkheim would have characterized much of American society as anomic).
Popular education appealed to Jewish leaders in both the United States and the British Empire because it seemed to offer the means to reverse many of the problems of an increasingly anomic Jewish community.
And, indeed, governance dysfunctions in more stable, better developed systems--indeed, even in advanced country settings--can be vulnerable to the kind of disaffection that breeds the anomic, nihilistic behavior associated with terrorism (Crocker 2003, Barber 2003, Bloom 2004, Friedman 2003).