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Synonyms for anomalousness

deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule

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Her anomalousness was constantly present to her imagination, and questions of gender shaped and colored almost everything she wrote.
In this way, Stokes's recognition of the sheer, strange anomalousness of the all-male stage and a commitment to recontextualizing it within the theatrical world beyond the playhouse walls is a crucial starting point for future research.
Noll's placement of these events in a chapter on the Civil War, well after his chapter on the spread of evangelicalism, is a sign of their anomalousness in what is emerging as the dominant narrative of U.S.
Part of this is due to the organization's anomalousness. Is it fish or fowl?
But the anomalousness of the criminal-its irreducibility to the biopsychological--nonetheless permits genes for individual behaviors that are in fact usually criminalized.
Some interpreters of McDonagh see the very anomalousness of the period setting as reflective of the realities of the Irish socio-cultural situation.
The reason for her maternal anomalousness, curiously, is her immaturity, which leads to a role reversal: paradoxically, her son takes care of her and feels responsible for their life together.