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Synonyms for anomalous

Synonyms for anomalous

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deviating from the general or common order or type

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Considering the volatility characteristics of block rock under impact loading, the occurrence criterion of anomalously low friction was given by Pan and Wang [17] through the maximum value of relative displacement between adjacent blocks in the tensile direction based on the pendulum wave propagation dynamic model.
While the sea-surface temperature in the upper half of the Mozambican Channel and the adjacent Indian Ocean (close to the continent) has been anomalously high since about the end of January, the ocean roughly 1000 km south of Madagascar has been markedly cooler than normal.
The book then turns to the Ansei Edo earthquake, which stood out anomalously from the prevailing paradigms.
In Figure 1, we show the top pair production cross section times branching ratios of one top decays anomalously into q + g and another one decays leptonically (electron and muon) as well as the top pair production cross section times the branching ratios of both tops decay anomalously into q + g.
In that period the total return from commercial real estate values has failed to keep pace with either of those two asset classes, leaving rental yields looking anomalously high and appealing to those seeking income."
In "scimitar" syndrome, anomalously returning pulmonary veins, the place where the pulmonary veins are drained and the relation of the pulmonary veins with ASD are significant in terms of surgery.
Anomalously, because of its reputation for not having a drug abuse problem, South Korea is favored as a transshipment location for drug traffickers.
| (With photos) CAIRO, Jan 14 (KUNA) -- Anomalously, Egyptian presidential hopeful Mohamad ElBaradei has pulled out of Egypt's presidential elections due to be held within a few months.
Appendiceal anomalies although rare include agenesis, duplication, triplication and anomalously located solitary appendix .
Knickpoint (reaches of anomalously steep gradient) evaluation was carried out for all the channels observed on the sea bed to further evaluate any major changes that occurred during the Holocene times, hence providing important information about the prevailing channel environments in the region.
In the 27th August "Lambouka-1 Interim Update" it was reported "losses of circulation fluids, an increase in background gas shows and an anomalously high resistivity on the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) electric logs" were encountered in the wells primary target, the Abiod Formation.
Rather, I think the blame for this anomalously ham-handed scene lies in Franzen's curious lack of interest in Washington, D.C., as the policy sausage-grinder.
Currently, many checkpoints have entrances built in a serpentine configuration that slows approaching vehicles and causes them to sway, giving a hint as to whether they re anomalously loaded.