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Synonyms for anomalous

Synonyms for anomalous

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deviating from the general or common order or type

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When flow reversals occur in the fall during periods of anomalously warm surface ocean conditions, such as during major El Nino events, the dynamical and thermal barriers can be lifted and larvae transported to the eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca and into the adjoining Salish Sea.
The book then turns to the Ansei Edo earthquake, which stood out anomalously from the prevailing paradigms.
Their enrollees are often anomalously given inflated grades.
The COA can audit the DAP anytime if it thinks the fund was released or spent anomalously, he said.
In that period the total return from commercial real estate values has failed to keep pace with either of those two asset classes, leaving rental yields looking anomalously high and appealing to those seeking income.
In "scimitar" syndrome, anomalously returning pulmonary veins, the place where the pulmonary veins are drained and the relation of the pulmonary veins with ASD are significant in terms of surgery.
Anomalously, because of its reputation for not having a drug abuse problem, South Korea is favored as a transshipment location for drug traffickers.
By using such simulations and observations they investigate the change of WR in the Euro-Mediterranean area under anomalously warm and cold conditions over the Mediterranean Sea.
and altered a single character so that it anomalously read THIS AREA IS UNDER 23 HOUR VIDEO AND AUDIO SURVEILLANCE.
MXP is currently facing another delay in completing the deep well as the drill string became stuck at 5,722 metres due to encountering anomalously high pressures.
We thank the crew of the F/V Alex Kevin D for the anomalously colored rockfish (S.
Often he uses an anomalously overwrought word when a simpler one would suffice.
In fact, I and many others have long suggested that while it's certainly possible that in November President Obama will see a drop in Jewish support, that drop needs to be more than a couple points to be significant because the 78 percent of the Jewish vote he captured in 2008higher than John Kerry's 74 percent in 2004was anomalously high due to the decisive nature of Obama's victory generally as well as Jews' "hatred" for a certain member of the Republican ticket.
With photos) CAIRO, Jan 14 (KUNA) -- Anomalously, Egyptian presidential hopeful Mohamad ElBaradei has pulled out of Egypt's presidential elections due to be held within a few months.