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Synonyms for anomalous

Synonyms for anomalous

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deviating from the general or common order or type

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There is no substantive difference in the pattern of support for Obama over McCain among the small group of 11% of this voter segment who -- somewhat anomalously -- say religion is important in their daily lives.
Ted Irving, working at the Pacific Geoscience Centre, completed paleomagnetic studies on a number of Cretaceous intrusions that, like the results of Myrl Beck and his students, showed anomalously shallow inclinations compared to North American cratonal poles.
For instance, during El Nino years, an equatorward shift in the mean meridional position of the ITCZ may result in anomalously intense subsidence over central northern Mexico and at times may even lead to drought episodes (Magana et al.
I WAS reading in The Journal this morning, October 3, an article which reported that councillors, of that region of where I anomalously live, will debate whether "Northumberland should forge stronger economic and transport links with Scotland".
Yet, anomalously claimed that Cho was "bothersome, but not threatening.
18]O value corresponding to the negative residual of greatest magnitude from that linear model would be associated with the anomalously warmest oceanic conditions (El Nino).
This anomalously high b-value at volcanoes has been attributed to excessive material heterogeneity (Mogi, 1962), decreased applied stress (Scholz, 1968), decreased effective stress (high pore pressure) (Wyss, 1973), or alternatively, elevated thermal gradients (Warren and Latham, 1970).
The syndrome of innominate artery compression of the trachea as first reported by Gross and Neuhauser (2) in 1948 was originally thought to be attributable to an aberrant innominate artery that originated anomalously on the left side of the aortic arch and coursed obliquely from left to right causing an anterior indentation of the trachea (Fig.
Anomalously, groups purporting to represent the less well-off have often urged the maintenance of very high tax rates for better-off groups.
Datong featured as the primary location of Jia's digital video documentary short In Public (2001), a film which reads, in retrospect--with long, plotless takes of various semi-decayed urban public spaces, populated by anomalously cheery or passively defeated people--like a trial run through Unknown Pleasures' themes and preoccupations.
In this study, a careful examination of the AO is performed during anomalously strong vortex condition.
1, the model required an anomalously high blood:air partition coefficient to achieve blood concentrations equal to the inhaled air concentrations.
If the goal is to reduce incoherence while retaining a large role for retributive thinking, the legal system might attempt to use additur and remittur to increase anomalously low awards and to decrease anomalously high ones.