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It is my naive opinion, however, that determining the existence of psi should take priority over anomalistic psychology because paranormal phenomena being real would be an excellent explanation for why some people might believe in them; French does not appear to share such a view.
Since HFSWRs are tracking radars, the system provides information to the user that makes it possible to identify anomalistic vessel behaviour, suggesting a possible threat to domestic security or the marine environment.
Anomalistic psychology: A study of extraordinary phenomena of behavior and experience.
Significant influencing on a level of ground concentration of harmful admixtures besides a state of an atmosphere also renders a lay of land, especially in anomalistic conditions at calm at low and light-duty sources of pressure bumps.
Jones, Anomalistic Psychology: A Study in Magical Thinking, Hillside, Erlbaum, 1989, p13.
After an eclipse cycle, which corresponds approximately to 223 synodic months, 242 draconic months and 239 anomalistic months, the Moon-Earth-Sun geometry will be nearly equal.
Therefore, it is possible that the results produced by this survey are anomalistic.
Another similar anomalistic housepit, with respect to the ceramics usually associated with housepits, is found at the Senatsberget site in Taalintehdas (Sw.
Professor Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, told the Times Higher Education Supplement most people "believe in this stuff".
Second, while continuous demand models often produce seemingly anomalistic cross-price elasticity estimates, the results in this table indicate that all products are gross substitutes for each other, a highly plausible outcome in a category of largely discretionary, or impulse purchases.
I don't believe this disharmony to be anomalistic, but rather a flagrant example of a widespread problem that many companies, regardless of size, face daily.
For those articles, and for the articles in the anomalistic issue of RHE, I used the abstract listed in the on-line Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database.