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So while some respected researchers in our midst like to use this anomalistic psychology term, in my mind, and for the purposes of this talk, it has come to represent the prejudged and prejudiced type of psychological approach that supposes that paranormal belief is degenerate and that paranormal experiences are delusional.
My fear is that recent anomalistic evolution of social engagement through platforms such as Facebook and its kind are causing more harm to the human psyche than good.
Since HFSWRs are tracking radars, the system provides information to the user that makes it possible to identify anomalistic vessel behaviour, suggesting a possible threat to domestic security or the marine environment.
Significant influencing on a level of ground concentration of harmful admixtures besides a state of an atmosphere also renders a lay of land, especially in anomalistic conditions at calm at low and light-duty sources of pressure bumps.
The anomalistic levels of Boron shown in the samples taken in addition to the existence of high salt levels at a depth from 300 m.
Another similar anomalistic housepit, with respect to the ceramics usually associated with housepits, is found at the Senatsberget site in Taalintehdas (Sw.
Professor Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, told the Times Higher Education Supplement most people "believe in this stuff".
Second, while continuous demand models often produce seemingly anomalistic cross-price elasticity estimates, the results in this table indicate that all products are gross substitutes for each other, a highly plausible outcome in a category of largely discretionary, or impulse purchases.