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One question do hit every prudent mind that if quality of education system of our country was not up to the desired level how could the eminent scientists of the likes of Prof Dr Abdul Salam, Dr Abdul Qadir Khan be produced One simply doesn't need to go an extra mile to unstitch the conundrum; of course it was unjust to call them the product of system, in fact they were perfect example of patchy brilliance, unfathomable talent, immaculate exuberance and anomalistic acumen.
(The presence of boxing world champion Carl Froch appears anomalistic, I grant you.
Through statistical analysis of the data, anomaly-based intrusion detection systems can identify the anomalistic data which deviate from the mean value seriously.
My fear is that recent anomalistic evolution of social engagement through platforms such as Facebook and its kind are causing more harm to the human psyche than good.
Since HFSWRs are tracking radars, the system provides information to the user that makes it possible to identify anomalistic vessel behaviour, suggesting a possible threat to domestic security or the marine environment.
Anomalistic psychology: A study of extraordinary phenomena of behavior and experience.
Significant influencing on a level of ground concentration of harmful admixtures besides a state of an atmosphere also renders a lay of land, especially in anomalistic conditions at calm at low and light-duty sources of pressure bumps.
Jones, Anomalistic Psychology: A Study in Magical Thinking, Hillside, Erlbaum, 1989, p13.
Most of the cell shapes are anomalistic. Cell sizes and shapes are closely related to melt properties.
Therefore, it is possible that the results produced by this survey are anomalistic.
Another similar anomalistic housepit, with respect to the ceramics usually associated with housepits, is found at the Senatsberget site in Taalintehdas (Sw.