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small arboreal tropical American insectivorous lizards with the ability to change skin color

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In Anole, AMISOM's Kenyan contingent killed more than 30 al-Shabb fighters and destroyed three of the group's technical vehicles and one SUV loaded with ammunition, according to the Kenyan army.
From the footage at about nine minutes into the video, it is evident that at least one of the anole lizards was quite furious about being plucked away from the tree fern where he was sleeping on a moonless night.
The researchers used high-speed videography to dissect the motion of two common lizards - the flat-tailed house gecko and green anole - as they fall, starting upside down.
Rabbits needed medical treatment, dozens of infected guinea pigs and hamsters were cooped up in cramped, filthy cages and 88 tropical fish, two budgies and a Cuban anole lizard were all kept in unsuitable environments.
His anxieties range from worrying about his pet anole to the relentless pestering of the new girl to trepidations about the national science competition his class is entering - what project can he come up with impress and amaze the judges?
Anole lizards and indigenous tropical Hawaiian fish are featured in this ecosystem.
And for reptiles," says Warren, "there's the turtle genome we're sequencing now, and the green anole lizard was recently sequenced.
The best of this summer's blockbuster comparisons of humans, mice, dogs, opossums, and green anole lizards with platypuses.
Firstly, David heads to Australia to observe lace monitors laying eggs before travelling to Florida, where he encourages an anole to display by using a mirror to simulate a rival.
Common garden and natural selection experiments support ecotypic differentiation in the Dominican anole (Anolis oculatus).
Reservoir competence of the southeastern five-lined skink (Eumeces inexpectatus) and the green anole (Anolis carolinensis) for Borrelia burgdorferi.
1994) in the Canary Islands and also a radiation of anole lizards in the Caribbean (Thorpe & Stenson 2003).
The offering from Gabby Salazar, aged 17, of North Carolina earned her Young Photographer of the Year 2004 for her image of a green anole lizard camouflaged by leaves (below).