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Synonyms for anoint

Synonyms for anoint

choose by or as if by divine intervention

administer an oil or ointment to

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Although Borromeo was on the whole skeptical of the more outlandish reports of untori, he thought some of the accounts to be credible, including stories that certain anointers wiped prayer books with unguents in order to spread plague among the clergy, while others had contaminated fruits and vegetables in the marketplaces.
ministers), and like unfailing witnesses and anointers (i.
Within the Markan Gospel it is particularly the transformation of women - from being excluded and semi-anonymous to being disciples and deacons and models of faith, to being anointer of the anointed one and celebrator of his liturgy of death, to being visionary prophets entrusted with preaching the word of ongoing resurrection - which functions as a sign of God's Kingdom.