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one who anoints as a religious ceremony

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Through this text, as in this painting, Mary Magdalene's lachrymose eyes and her elegantly dripping tears have an identifiable theological context for she is the anointer, chief mourner, and female disciple; and she has a cultural context, namely her role in contemporary liturgical plays, devotional books, and lay spirituality.
The Toronto convent where lay anointers are trained is the Mother House of the historic Sisterhood of St.
The Avant-Guide network of cultural omnivores are passionate about spotting emerging products and experiences long before they become fads; the strength and distinction of the Avant-Guide brand derives from its position not only as a trend-critic, but as a trend-maker and anointer of destinations, events, products and amenities that are on the forefront of contemporary culture.
God's Anointed is at the same time an Anointer of others.
There was -- interestingly enough -- a surprising degree of agreement on healing, including healing as a sign of God's Reign, healing as a means of wholeness, Jesus Christ as the healer and anointer, and the eucharist as a source of healing.
InStaffs, a partnership of Staffordshire local authorities and Chambers of Commerce, has recently re-launched its online property search facility to include anointer active map, over 1,100 properties and a new reporting system that makes comparing properties easierand quicker than ever before.
Within the Markan Gospel it is particularly the transformation of women - from being excluded and semi-anonymous to being disciples and deacons and models of faith, to being anointer of the anointed one and celebrator of his liturgy of death, to being visionary prophets entrusted with preaching the word of ongoing resurrection - which functions as a sign of God's Kingdom.