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one who anoints as a religious ceremony

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Through this text, as in this painting, Mary Magdalene's lachrymose eyes and her elegantly dripping tears have an identifiable theological context for she is the anointer, chief mourner, and female disciple; and she has a cultural context, namely her role in contemporary liturgical plays, devotional books, and lay spirituality.
Before training, a prospective lay anointer must receive approval from his or her incumbent and undergo a screening process.
I enjoy imagining how Freddie Herrera, the original owner and anointer of Keystone Korner, contemplated the club's name: "Okay, so there's a police precinct next door.
The marketing strategy, part funded by Advantage West Midlands, includes a conference guide featuring over 40 of Shropshire's best venues and services, anointer active web site and themed direct marketing campaigns which aim to attract new business.
God's Anointed is at the same time an Anointer of others.
Interestingly, there was a surprising degree of agreement on healing, including healing as a sign of God's kingdom, healing as a means of wholeness, Jesus Christ as the healer and anointer, and the eucharist as a source of healing.