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Synonyms for anoint

Synonyms for anoint

choose by or as if by divine intervention

administer an oil or ointment to

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In Western we have Jesse's older sons who were anointed.
Having said her goodbyes earlier this month, Carol was unexpectedly anointed queen of the region for her good work.
Having made arrangements for 2018 and saying her goodbyes earlier this month, the next thing Ms Adams knew was that she was being anointed queen of the region for her good work.
23:5) and "God has anointed you with the oil of gladness" (Ps.
Asked when he would decide on his anointed one, the President said he would have wanted it during his meeting with the three officials but said he needed to listen to members of the Liberal Party and other sectors.
Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them, and anointed them with the ointment.
On the day of the anointing, Barrett and his staff invite those to be anointed to take their place anywhere in the church.
Johannesburg, June 23 ( ANI ): Suspended Indian cricket chief Narayanaswami Srinivasan is reportedly expected to be anointed as the new International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman at this week's annual conference in Melbourne.
Some artists that will be of great interest include Anointed singer and Preacher's kid Traveon Westbrook, and Arison Walton from the Midwest, who has an outstanding voice and great production, Darren Deac from the east coast, with his own Christian dance song called The Christian Walk, and Prodigal Son, managed by Debbie King, the daughter of celebrity promoter Don King.
The Argentine pope used the image of the holy oil with which ron the Priest is anointed in the Bible -- which is poured on his head and runs down in rivulets -- to describe the way that priests should touch the lives of the faithful.
In John, Jesus is anointed by Mary of Bethany, his dear friend.
At the auspicious time the President was anointed oil by Chancellor of Ruhuna University Venerable Rajakeeya Panditha, Aththudawe Sri Rahula Annunayake Thero.
John Dewey is quoted as an example of that anointed mindset: "Having the knowledge we may set hopefully at work upon a course of social invention and engineering" (p 18).
It is his desire for each reader to commit themselves to an unreserved pursuit of God, His Son Jesus, anointed power of the Holy Spirit.
Committed Christian Michael Watson ended his attack on wife Patricia only when she desperately appealed to his deep religious beliefs and gasped: "I'm anointed by God, you know that, Michael.