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Synonyms for anoint

Synonyms for anoint

choose by or as if by divine intervention

administer an oil or ointment to

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The submission was made before a bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice RS Endlaw during arguments on three public interest litigations challenging the November 22 ceremony where Bukhari plans to anoint his son as Naib Imam who will be the next chief cleric.
To the reader with eyes to see, this woman is a Samuel-like character, who anoints the Messiah before his coronation on the cross.
Willie Haggas' horses are running well - as Dancing Rain did when winning the Oaks, and Anoint, who runs in the seven-furlong handicap (2.
To illustrate, the entry for anoint with an analytical definition and formal codes placed inside the entry looked like this:
As you anoint the river with the oil, I will put my words in your mouth and you will prophesy to the nations.
He suggests that when the mother of a sick child asks for anointing, it would be appropriate to anoint both mother and child, since the healing of the child is connected to the consolation of the mother (185).
Let's not anoint Lewis Chitengwa with "role model status just yet.
They have come to anoint Jesus like the woman in Bethany.
His wife, Ann, is the opposite, and Jerry smiles as he stoops to anoint her.
He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in the name of the church" (5:14).
London, Dec 11 (ANI): A team of archaeologists has discovered vases of perfumed ointment in the ancient Palestinian town of Magdala, which may have used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Jesus.
Moses took 70 elders of Israel to the tent of meeting, so that the Lord could take some of the spirit which was upon Moses and anoint the elders, who would then assist in the governance of the people.
If Poitier hadn't existed, Hollywood would have had to anoint someone like him.
The second is to anoint certain shareholders as consultants who report information to the Company but who have no way of knowing whether the Company is going to act on their information, or even pay any attention to it, unless and until it has been publicly disclosed.
If a bishop were to anoint a child with acrylic paint, the sacrament would not be imparted.