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of or relating to anestrus

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First parity Friesian-Sahiwal crossbred cows have also been observed to have prolonged calving intervals than older cows as a result of prolonged post-partum anoestrous periods [22].
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Bowheads in general apparently exhibit site fidelity (see e.g., Ross and MacIver, 1982; Reeves et al., 1983; Moore and Reeves, 1993); but destination sites may change for individual animals during their lifetime according to state of maturity or, for adult females, according to whether they are oestrous or anoestrous (see e.g., Finley, 1990).
Effect of Progesterone Prior to GnRH-PGF2[alpha] Treatment on Induction of Oestrus and Pregnancy in Anoestrous Awassi Ewes.
In Norway, high blood Se levels of Norwegian Red Heifers and dry period cows have been shown to be a causative factor in disorders such as mastitis, ovarian cysts and anoestrous, it is therefore stated that feed additives should be used (Kommisrud et al., 2005).
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An intravulvosubmucous injection of prostaglandin [F.sub.2[alpha]] in anoestrous cows.