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of or relating to anestrus

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First parity Friesian-Sahiwal crossbred cows have also been observed to have prolonged calving intervals than older cows as a result of prolonged post-partum anoestrous periods [22].
Fertility following CIDR based synchronization regimens in anoestrous Nili-Ravi buffaloes.
There is greater loss of body condition score during the early lactation period leading to a higher percentage of anoestrous cows in the herd due to deleterious effects on the follicle or the corpus luteum (CL) by decreasing steroidogenesis (Roche et al.
Attenuation by an opioid agonist of the oestradiol-induced LH surge in anoestrous ewes and its reversal by naloxone.
It is well documented that energy stores during late gestation, parturition, and early lactation affect the length of the post-partum anoestrous interval and the likelihood of a successful pregnancy (Markusfeld et al.