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a positively charged electrode by which electrons leave an electrical device

the negatively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current

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Cathodic protection, accomplished by installing anodes on metal pipe, prevents electrolytic corrosion by causing the pipe to act as a cathode.
The hydrogen MFC appears to be twice as efficient as the electricity-producing cells, says Logan, because in the latter some oxygen leaks back into the anode.
Although a small amount of research is currently addressing direct methanol fuel cells and direct hydrocarbon fuel cells, most of the technological effort is being focused on hydrogen as the fuel for the anode.
As of 2011, graphite is accounting for more than 97% of anode materials for li-ion secondary batteries in the world regardless of natural or artificial graphite.
China abounds in graphite mineral resources, endowing the country with significant advantage in production costs of anode materials, and occupied 70% or so of global anode materials output in 2014.
While a couple of challenges remain, this design brings us closer to using silicon anodes in smaller, lighter and more powerful batteries for products like cell phones, tablets and electric cars," lead researcher Yi Cui, an associate professor at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, said.
Alba's production process will receive a further boost with additional modifications from the reduction side on anode reference gauges, PTA shovel size, simulations on start-up pots, studies on wench motors etc.
Its energy capacity -- how long a battery can maintain its charge -- is limited by the charge density, or how many lithium ions can be packed into the anode or cathode.
While the cathode and separator materials are already available from European sources, the anode material is not yet available in this region to date.
Anode surface area versus cathode surface area is another important consideration.
To combat this, manufacturers equip the water heaters with a sacrificial anode rod.
Experimental investigations of erosion rate of copper water-cooled anode in argon at various values of arc current were carried out [1].
The team tested the wires as the anode in an experimental battery.
The most promising means to achieve 2/3 cost reduction is to improve battery density/capacity with the use of a silicon anode coupled with other advanced materials.