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of or at or relating to an anode


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Of note, in the original study, (1) when samples were run at concentrated conditions, the Hb A band appeared broader, raising the possibility that the higher concentration of sample slowed the migration of the variant band; however, it is not stated whether the Hb A band was broader anodally, which might lend support to that possibility.
All gels were run anodally with an ice pack placed on the gel surface to reduce thermal deactivation of the enzymes.
Likewise, alleles at each locus were designated sequentially with the most anodally migrating allozyme designated "a" and progressively slower forms "b", "c", and so on.
Alleles were designated sequentially, with the allele encoding the most anodally migrating allozyme designated 1.
A preliminary screening of allozymes revealed three polymorphic loci, phosphoglucomutase (PGM) and two esterase (EST) loci, one anodally and the other cathodally migrating.