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of or at or relating to an anode


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The presence of H+ clouds at the leading edges of cathodally directed osteoblast cell migration has been observed; however, this was not seen in anodally directed osteosarcoma cell migration.
Of note, in the original study, (1) when samples were run at concentrated conditions, the Hb A band appeared broader, raising the possibility that the higher concentration of sample slowed the migration of the variant band; however, it is not stated whether the Hb A band was broader anodally, which might lend support to that possibility.
After differential staining, products of a multi-system enzyme were numbered sequentially according to their distance (in this case anodally) from the loading site (Aat-1, Aat-2, etc.).
A peak corresponding to AAG was sought anodally from the AAT peak, and a range of retention times was determined.
All gels were run anodally with an ice pack placed on the gel surface to reduce thermal deactivation of the enzymes.