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of or at or relating to an anode


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The rebranding applies to the following products: Sanduvor[R] becomes Hostavin[R]; Sandostab[R] becomes Hostanox[R]; Sandoplast[R] becomes Solvaperm[R]; Sandospers(e)[R] (for the printing industry) becomes Flexonyl[R]; Sandospers(e)[R] (for the coating industry) becomes Hostatint[R]; and Sandocolor[R] becomes Anodal Color[R].
The rebranding applies to the following products: Sanduvar light stabilizer will be renamed Hostavin; Sandostab stabilizer/antioxidant will be renamed Hostanox; Sandoplast polymer soluble dyes will be renamed Solvaperm; Sandosperse pigment preparations for the printing industry will be renamed Flexonyl; and Sandocolor aluminum finishing will be renamed Anodal Color.
The 3-enzyme systems, which were studied in all groups formed bands both in the anodal (+ pole) and catodal (-pole) regions (Figure.
The six independently controlled midline contacts and optional anodal guards (lateral contacts used as a single anode) give the Tripole 8 lead a tremendous amount of programming flexibility.
But the monarchy's clout among the ethnic groups has been changed by parliamentary parties in the post-1990 jan anodal period--if not in the form of zero-sum-game--and recently by the Maoist party in hostile way.
For an index of the images in Catherine's works see, Gabriella Anodal, Il linguaggio cateriniano: indice delle immagini (Siena: Cantagalli, 1983).
The proteolytic action of serum carboxypeptidase removes terminal positively charged amino acids (lysine) to produce a more negatively charged CK-MB with greater anodal mobility.
It is also available in an integrated version, which is designed to reduce anodal stimulation when used with CRT-D systems.
Effect of anodal and cathodal microamperage direct current electrical stimulation on injury potential and wound size in guinea pigs.
The patient's serum protein electrophoresis result demonstrates anodal slurring of albumin, which may occur secondary to albumin binding excess bilirubin and/or other negatively charged drugs, such as penicillin (1, 2).
The bipolar design and excellent stability of the QuickSite 1056T lead allow physicians to select a biventricular pacing configuration that provides low pacing thresholds while avoiding anodal stimulation," said James H.
2] Relative migration positions Citrate agar Acetate electrophoresis electrophoresis Hb C Anodal to S Comigrates with [A.
5, lane 9), and a pattern characterized by an anodal shift (decreased tetra- and pentasialoTf and strong hexa- and heptasialoTf bands) (Fig.