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small buffalo of the Celebes having small straight horns

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He was under training at ANOA when he heard of his selection for PMA.
Total pre- and post-prescribing scores (0-20) were significantly different (p=0.00) for each indication: ANOA (13.59 +- 0.27 and 18.33 +- 0.18), ARS (13.26 +- 0.18 and 15.15 +- 0.17), AOM (12.58 +- 0.26 and 14.66 +- 0.27), AC (13.53 +- 0.17 and 15.76 +- 0.20), and ABT (13.54 +- 0.24 and 15.49 +- 0.28).
These words appearing as the voice of the youth, reverberate Anoa's evocative futuristic projection of finding the way that "we people of the fertile time trapped in smallest self have one vocation, that is to find our larger now healing self" (19).
The link between prophecy and history implied in Anoa's utterance is at the heart of Armah's eschatological thought.
Previous studies have reported an association between Hg exposures in Brazil among gold miners and fish consumers and increased levels of antinuclear (ANA)/antinucleolar (ANoA) autoantibodies, interpreted as biomarkers of autoimmune dysfunction (Alves et al.
Armah's mammoth denunciation of this culture is again seen in the indignation with which the seer, Anoa, curses "any man, any woman who will press another human being into her service" because she (Anoa) is possessed by a deity "hating all servitude" (14).
Sulawesi, apart from hosting to a larger number of native mammal than any other island in Wallacea, was unique in having two medium-sized species of endemic buffalo, Anoa spp.
Under the program, the Coast Guard requires that foreign-flagged vessels provide a 96-hour advance notice of arrival ("ANOA") to the National Vessel Movement Center prior to entering United States ports.
A society able to develop more rapidly because it is able to draw upon all its resources' (Anoa, 2003).
Table--1 Number of producing wells, 2002 Name of wells Areas Capacity Tunggal Maung-2 West Java 34.2 MMBO and 126 BSCFG Tambun Kelapa-01 West Java 13 MMBO and 497.6 BSCFG Sungai Felam Deep-01 Jambi 497.6 BSCFG Randublatung Central Java 411 BSCFG Donggi-2 South Sulawesi 1.3 TCFG and 7 MMBO Anoa Besar-1 Central Sulawesi 440 BSCFG Source: Pertamina Table--2 New oil and gas blocks put into tender Location Description Number of blocks Jambi Onshore 1 South of Banten Offshore 1 North of East Java Offshore 3 South of West Timor Offshore 1 Tanimbar Offshore 2 Bird head of Papua Offshore 1 Bird head of Papua Onshore 1 Total 10 Source: Directorate General of Oil and Gas
This is an expansion of the field of vessels for the Advanced Notification of Arrival (ANOA) now required by the Coast Guard for large vessels entering our ports.