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an indicator that announces which electrical circuit has been active (as on a telephone switchboard)

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the wind, a sign / Without meaning but beautiful, serving almost / No purpose at all except to create a kind of mild / Annunciatory sense that, yes, everything is about us" (8).
These diligent signposts come close to the practice of Shakespeare's own theatre, which also relied on annunciatory placards and the like.
This same naturalistic sensibility is in Fra Angelico's two small panels of the Annunciatory Angel and Virgin from Munich.
Her countless beds, for example, whether occupied or empty, New England plain or Berlin bordello chic, invariably evoke an Annunciatory pathos.
The first verse features solo alto and tenor, weaving their parts into the contrapuntal consort texture, followed by the powerful entrance of the full chorus singing "When the Angell Gabriell with an humble reverence" on homophonic block chords perfectly suited to the annunciatory text.