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an indicator that announces which electrical circuit has been active (as on a telephone switchboard)

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A Bluetooth status annunciator is located directly above the Bluetooth control button.
Other products include protocol converters, Substation Alarm Annunciators, Terminal Servers, modems, and Source Code Libraries.
During this period alarm annunciators were found at the process end of the application and/or within centralised control rooms.
Altronic Inc., the Girard, Ohio, manufacturer of advanced digital control systems, has introduced the newest model in its digital annunciator product line.
NSTM says: "On board submarines, the officer in charge of the control room (officer of the deck) and the officer in charge of the maneuvering station (engineering officer of the watch), diving officer of the watch, and chief of the watch shall have air-line masks with annunciators available for use.
Customers are no longer constrained by short cable runs, proprietary networks and local annunciators, enabling organizations to take advantage of fast, wide area coverage and reliable solutions.
Rows of LED annunciators warn of specific channel alarm conditions.
There are three annunciators on the front of the case, including a battery annunciator that blinks red when the device is charging, a 1-1 Bluetooth annunciator 1:7:11 that's steady blue when irirtra connected, or flashing blue when it's not.
The Intelli-Barrier Automatic Vehicle Intrusion System integrates vehicle barriers with various state-of-the-art threat detection sensors, including CCTV, laser-curtain intrusion detection, wide area lighting, and annunciators. Next generation sensors for detection of explosives, chemical and biological weapons, and radiation, are currently in development.
For example, there are 101 segments in a semicircular bargraph to indicate process trend with one percent accuracy, a seven segment, 6-digit display that indicates with high accuracy and resolution the process in engineering units, or message/command prompts; and four alarm annunciators illuminate when an alarm condition occurs.
Murphy Mfr., Tulsa, Okla., has introduced remote monitoring, alarming and control system designed for remote use on equipment using Murphy Mark III annunciators or similar control systems.